Zeus is on a roll this year

Zeus, s1mple Banned From Twitch… Again

Zeus s1mple Twitch ban

Zeus and s1mple are in it together even after the former retired. (Image Credit: StarLadder)

CIS players love their swear words but Twitch does not. Retired CS:GO pro Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko and current CS:GO star Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev have both been banned from streaming platfor Twitch for an indefinite time and for an unknown reason.

Zeus & s1mple: A History of Verbal Violence

To be clear, no one knows why the pair has been banned this time. What we do know is that Zeus and s1mple do have a history with Twitch bans related to so-called hate speech. The younger of the two Ukrainians was banned twice in 2019 for using homophobic slurs which he argued is just banter in the context of things.

He had been clean in 2020 so far, until now. Again, we've no idea why s1mple has been reprimanded by Twitch and neither does the player, or at least he doesn't let us know. Instead, he took the chance to jab at Twitch again, making fun of the weird priorities of the platform's ban system that allows fake profiles to bait users but bans Twitch partners for supposedly friendly banter.

Zeus has been much quieter than his younger compatriot and hasn't said a word since his ban at around the same time. He has been on a roll this year, however. While s1mple did his deeds in 2019 prior to this incident, Zeus is already on his third ban in the last four months.

The simple fact the pair have been banned simultaneously makes it a bit more curious whether there's something actually worth a ban or if it's just more misunderstood cyka blyats.

This tweet is all we have to go by right now and the fact Zeus isn't even tagged correctly makes it all the more amusing:

As this is their third offense and in Zeus' case - in a very tight time frame, the Ukrainians might be off Twitch for a bit longer than the seven days they received on previous occasions.

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