Cooper sticking to CS:GO for now

Zellsis, freakazoid switch to Valorant

Zellsis freakazoid valorant

Zellsis grew weary of playing pro CS:GO without organizational support. (Image credit: Zellsis via Twitter)

The mass exodus continues! The number of CS:GO professionals quitting the game in favor of Valorant is growing by the day. The latest acquisitions the Riot first-person shooter made are Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro and Ryan “freakazoid” Montemurro – two former Cloud9 players, who decided to call it a career in CS:GO and start anew in Valorant.

North America fully embracing Valorant

There have been more than a few cases of CS:GO pros giving up on their existing careers ever since Riot Games released the beta of its new FPS Valorant. The movement is particularly strong within the North American ranks. Braxton “Brax” Pierce started it all exactly two months ago by signing a contract with T1 Entertainment and many of his NA colleagues followed suit.

The latest ship-jumpers are Zellsis and freakazoid. While some of the previous cases of treason weren’t backed by any arguments other than a desire to try something new, these two have a sadly respectable reasoning for their CS:GO departure.

Zellsis and freakazoid were last seen on the Swole Patrol roster, trying to find a legitimate organizational backing. After failing to do so for months, the pair finally got fed up with the state of things and called it quits. Zellsis went a bit deeper, expressing his disappointment at the lack of support lower level rosters receive and that the coronavirus pandemic did not help Swole Patrol’s cause at all.

Both players will be mostly remembered for their stints with Cloud9. Zellsis spent just a couple of months with the Major winners but still managed to make a Major appearance at IEM Katowice at the start of 2019, where he produced a memorable clutch. Freakazoid lasted almost a year on the C9 roster back in 2015-2016 and was part of the romantic pre-ELEAGUE Boston C9 days that resulted in zero international trophies.

Freakazoid’s brother and former teammate on Swole Patrol Austin “Cooper” Abadir meanwhile reaffirmed his commitment to CS:GO. Cooper announced that he has no plans of leaving the scene at the current juncture and is on the lookout for a new team. This sets him apart from his bro, Zellsis, Brax, SicK, and the rest who decided the time is right for a new career.

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