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Yone: Best Build To Dominate Summoner's Rift

League of Legends
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Yone arrives in Summoner's Rift, but what's the best build for him? What Runes are best? We'll discuss all those things right now in this Yone mini guide!

League of Legends fans has yet another champion to play, as Yone, The Unforgotten, finally made his debut during lol patch 10.16. If you need a run-down of the most important patch notes, we've got you covered.

You'd think Yone's kit would share a similar style to Yasuo, but you'd be wrong. Yone can pack-a-punch as well as take a few hits himself, as he's not your usual League of Legends champion. For that reason alone, we've also got a video covering Yone and his abilities and its key you watch to understand why we're going with this particular build.

Are you caught up? Great, let's get started.

Best Yone Runes

Spirit Blossom Yone
Image credit: Riot Games

Right now, the best Runes for Yone in the Mid Lane are Precision as the primary selection, with Domination second. Your runes should look a little something like this:

Yone Runes
You'll need that damage, attack speed and health regen!

What we're doing with these Runes for Yone is capitalizing more on his raw damage and assassination potential, granting Yone with Attack Speed, damage, and healing. Having Domination as a secondary means you'll have better sustain in the EarlyGame, which will enable you to create more trades with your enemy Mid Lane.

Best Items For Yone

Image credit: Riot Games

With these Runes in mind, here is what your full build should look like. Of course, you will need to adjust a few items depending on how AD or magic damage dealing your enemy team is. Here's what you should work towards:

  • Berserker's Greaves - Situational
  • Phantom Dancer - Core
  • Infinity Edge - Core
  • Death's Dance - Core
  • Frozen Mallet - Core
  • Bloodthirster - Situational

Regarding what skills to maximize first, we strongly suggest maxing your Q, Mortal Steel, followed by Soul Unbound, Fate Sealed, and then Spirit Cleave.

When playing Yone, you can be vulnerable in the EarlyGame against plenty of champions. Be sure to use your Q, Mortal Steel, to last hit minions at a safe distance, so you keep a constant gold flow coming in towards those core items.

We hope this mini guide helped you on your way to dominating as Yone! Good luck on Summoner's Rift.

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