The Twitch star parts ways with the org

xQc Leaves Sentinels

xQc leaves Sentinels

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Felix “xQc” Lengyel has officially left the esports organization Sentinels after spending a year and a half with them. Where is the streamer going next?

Once an Overwatch pro player, now a streamer. You’ve probably seen him on Twitch or some of his compilations on Youtube. Felix “xQc” Lengyel is one of the more popular personalities on the purple streaming platform with over 3 million followers.

xQc No Longer with Sentinels

xQc was signed over by Sentinels back in February 2019. 18 months later their partnership comes to an end. Sentinels are one of the more successful esports organizations. You can find the Fortnite world champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf among their lines, as well multiple teams in popular titles like Apex Legends, Halo, Legends of Runeterra, and most recently Valorant. The latter is one of the top performers in the NA region and one of xQc’s old teammates Jay “sinatraa” Won is playing in it.

Back to xQc. A couple of weeks back there were already numerous rumors that Lengyel will be joining a new organization. Turns out they might be true after all, but we’re still not certain where he’ll be heading next.

On the official Sentinels website, we can find the following statement by the org:

Since joining the organization in February of 2019, xQc has grown immensely by reaching seven-figure follower counts across his social media platforms. Formerly a competitor in the Overwatch League, xQc has since transitioned to daily variety streaming while maintaining his position as one of the top viewed streamers in hours watched on Twitch as of July 2020.

While we hate to see xQc leave, we couldn’t be more excited about his future. His time as a Sentinel was cherished by everyone in the organization, and we know he will continue to find success in whatever he does next. We’ll always be there in chat spamming xQcL.

Thank you, xQc. Once a Sentinel, always a Sentinel.

As we’ve already mentioned Felix has quite the following on Twitch so there’s no doubt, he’ll get some offers very soon. What do you think? Which organization would you like to see xQc in? Share your opinion on our Facebook page!

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