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Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S PRICE & RELEASE DATE Revealed, Xbox All Access & More


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Finally, the Xbox Series S & Xbox Series X are getting some real & official reveals: After Windows Central first leaked the price, Microsoft later officially confirmed the pricing of the Xbox Series S. The next gen system will cost $299. That is a lot cheaper than what anyone expected it to cost and it’s $200 less than the Xbox Series X, which will be priced at $499. The difference between the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X is that the Series S will be a digital-only system without a disc drive. Also, with 512 GB, it has rather limited storage. Still, the Xbox Series S seems like a steal for digital-only buyers and for people who intend to use Gamepass a lot. In fact, Microsoft’s Xbox All Access service will be available and will run at $25 for the Xbox Series S and $35 for the Xbox Series X. Within All Access, Gamepass is included and you pay for 24 months, after which the console is fully financed.

Definitely some interesting news and now it surely is only a matter of time until Sony will release news regarding their upcoming PS5. We all know how Sony and Microsoft are: They can’t give the other an inch.

Thanks to Twitter user @WalkingCat and Windows Central - our sources for this video.

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