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Xbox Series X & S: Expandable Storage Price Shock! What Is Microsoft Doing?


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Microsoft has introduced the official external storage for the Xbox Series S & X. The bad news: It costs $220. The worse news: It is mandatory if you want to play Xbox Series X/S games directly from your external storage. This is due to the next gen systems’ complicated Xbox Velocity Architecture.

This price tag is shockingly high... Considering that the Xbox Series S biggest feature is its low price of $299, it is disheartening to hear that the only currently available expandable storage drive is this expensive. Granted, one can still use USB 3.1 external drives to store games but, to play them you would then have to swap them back and forth between the system’s SSD and your external drive.

Xbox One, Xbox 360 and OG Xbox games can still be played of any other external directly, but for next-gen games this is bad news. Adding up the costs of a Series S with the drive, you would pay more than you would for the more powerful Xbox Series X.

An odd move by Microsoft. However, Microsoft states that third party developers can develop external drives that support Xbox’ Velocity Architecture, so this could drive prices down in the future.

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