The Next Gen System is coming in November

Xbox Series X Release Limited & Halo Infinite Delayed

The Xbox Series X is coming in November - without Halo Infinite

The Xbox Series X is coming in November - without Halo Infinite, which is coming in 2021. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Until now, the Xbox Series X release date was considered to be Christmas 2020, but now we finally know which month the next-gen console from Microsoft will be released in. However, Halo Infinite will not be available at release: The shooter is delayed.

The back and forth between Sony and Microsoft with their next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X continues. One of them is releasing news and the other will follow suit. This time there are news regarding the release of the Xbox Series X and a downer for fans of Halo Infinite.

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Xbox Series X Release in November

Microsoft has now announced that the Xbox Series X will be released in November 2020. On which day is not yet clear. In the corresponding Xbox Wire article, the company speaks of "several thousand games" for the release. However, the potential shooter hit Halo Infinite will not be one of them.

Several thousand games? What? Yup, that is due to the extensive Xbox Series X backwards compatibility, thanks to which four generations of Xbox games will be playable on the next-gen console. That's nice and pleases long-time fans, but where are the real new highlights?

Not long ago, Wikipedia stated November 12, 2020 as the release date. The price was given as US$ 499. In the meantime, however, both figures have disappeared.

Halo Infinite Delayed Until 2021

As developer 343 Industries announced almost simultaneously, Halo Infinite will not be one of the Xbox Series X launch titles. Originally, the shooter should have been delivered with the new console, but apparently the developers were not satisfied with the mixed feedback on the gameplay trailer that was shown at the Xbox Games Showcase.

They were unhappy with the current state of development of Halo Infinite, as per Twitter, thus Halo Infinite will not be released until 2021.

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