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Xbox Series X Pre-Order CHAOS! You could be affected too....


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The Microsoft Xbox Series X can be pre-ordered and… a lot of people ordered the Xbox One X. Why? Because the names are confusing: Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One X, Xbox One S… seriously, what? It can be very, very hard to know what’s what if you are not in the know. So it should come as no surprise that on the day that the pre-orders for the next-gen system went live, people went and ordered the… Xbox One X. Yes, that’s right. Orders for the Xbox One X - the old system - shot up by 747%.

Uhmmm… yeah, that didn’t go how it was supposed to, did it Microsoft? A huge disaster and you can only imagine how people will feel when they find the old Xbox One X under their Christmas tree. Also, how many of these orders are going to be cancelled?

Did Microsoft dig their own grave with a bad naming system that started with the Xbox 360? It’s hard to say and it remains to be seen whether this will be as bad for Microsoft as it was for Nintendo when the Wii U almost crippled their company.

So far, neither the PS5 nor the Xbox pre-orders have been exactly smooth. A rocky start for both of the next gen systems. Let’s hope that things turn around once we get to play on them.

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