Phase Five is approaching

WoW Classic is opening The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

Wo W Classic is opening The Gates of Ahn Qiraj

Not the bees! Not the bees! (Image credit: Wowpedia)

WoW Classic is about to enter Phase 5 this month, opening the iconic Gates of Ahn’Qiraj in a massive war effort for domination and reliving the glory of the past.

World of Warcraft Classic is back in the news with some exciting new content. Well, “new” is probably not the technically correct term to describe it, but it sure is refreshing.

This month, Patch 1.13.5 is coming to the legacy version of WoW and the race for the Gates is about to begin. Here’s a piece of nostalgia to refresh your memory:

An insectoid menace awaits in Silithus in the ancient, brooding city of Ahn'Qiraj that represents a danger to both Horde and Alliance and their place in Azeroth. However, no forces can preemptively deal with the threat unless they can breach the enchanted Scarab Wall and open the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj closed during the War of the Shifting Sands.

The original event hit the game back in 2006 and presented the Alliance and Horde with a dreadful and otherworldy bee-like menace to fight. The War Effort, as it was dubbed, featured epic and hardcore quest chains for the elite guilds and concluded in a massive 10-hour war between the two fractions.

These quests, like so many others, have been removed in Cataclysm when the world of Azeroth was changed forever.

July 28 brings a weekly raid reset and this is when the race to Ahn’Qiraj will begin. Have you been waiting years to relive the glory days of old-school bug-squashing and fighting for your faction? Now is the time to take up arms and have some fun just like in the olden days.

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