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WoW: Arena World Championship BFA 2020

2020 AWC BFA Circuit

2020 AWC BFA Circuit

Fans of WoW esports get ready as the Arena World Championship - BFA Circuit begins August 22nd (10:00PDT). The players have had an entire expansion to suit-up their characters in the best epic items and are ready to find out who will be the winner of the Battle for Azeroth. We have all the details right here!

Tune into the non-stop PvP MMO action where teams of 3 players battle in Arena style combat - swords swingings, fireballs flying, and old god corruption powers that are the signature mechanics of BFA. The prize pool is currently set at $500,000.

Tournament Structure

Players in the NA, EU and Asia regions will compete in a four week round-robin and the four of the best teams from each region will move onto the BFA finals. Check out the August match schedule below and catch a couple of games when they go live on Blizzard Esports Channel.

For a full schedule of the round-robin play head over to Blizzard's main event page.

WOW Arena Round Robin Matches August 2020

August Round Robin Matches

Who Will Win and Who Will Be the Break Out Teams in 2020?

Here are the teams to watch out for in NA:

  • Cloud 9: Snutz (Assassination Rogue), Chanimal (Destruction Warlock), Wealthyman (Frost Mage), Kubzy (Mistweaver Monk)
  • Team ????: Cdew (Restoration Shaman), Samiyam (Frost Mage), Trill (Windwalker Monk), Mes (Unholy Death Knight

Cloud 9's Snutz and ????'s Cdew are both popular WoW streamers and you can find them PvPing all day long! These teams will definitely be fan favorites, and the community has high hopes they can make a deep run into the tournament.

Here are the teams to watch out for in EU/APAC:

  • XSET: Whaazz (Rogue), Raiku (Mage), Chas (Monk), Swapxy (Enhancement Shaman)
  • Unitas: Cmd (Fire Mage), Yoske (Arms Warrior), Oxygen (Discipline Priest), Aiden (Rogue)

Team XSET is formerly known as Method Black - the roster remains the same and this powerhouse team are the favorite to win the tournament and defend their 2019 AWC title. If you haven't followed WoW esports you should know that the successful esports organization Method collapsed and disbanded after all teams and streamers abanded the org. due to allegations of sexual misconduct and mistreatment of streams and players. And one last note on Team Unitas White, who was knocked out in the first round of AWC 2019, look to redeem their lackluster performance from last year.

Cloud 9 vs XSET formerly Method Black

Grand Finals AWC 2019 Match

If you are interested in the top players and teams from the 2019 AWC season here's a link from the grand finals.

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