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Worst to Best - Valorant Agent Ranking: #9 Omen

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Our favorite emo settles in at #9 (Image credit: Valorant)

In this daily series, EarlyGame ranks all Valorant agents from worst to best. Today it's #9 - Omen.

Valorant’s resident edgelord. We love you Omen and, if you ask us, you really don’t have to hide behind that hoodie. So don’t take this personal, but for now, this is where we see you.

In capable and creative hands, Omen has some serious, serious outplay potential. Some of Valorant’s best highlights to-date are Omen plays

Source: Youtub - Rony

His teleport Shrouded Step, in combination with his smoke-ability Dark Cover can seriously baffle enemies - particularly if they’re not wearing a headset and miss the audio cue. Omen’s teleport ability allows for some fun mind-games that can be especially frustrating to more casual opponents. Unfortunately, his Paranoia ability sometimes feels like an underpowered flashbang. His ultimate From The Shadows can be quite effective in the right circumstances though: It allows Omen to teleport anywhere on the map within three seconds. However, Omen can get picked off while channeling his teleport, making this an ultimate that can easily be wasted. If you love playing mind games and have very good game awareness, Omen can still get you places and is not a bad agent by any means.


Apart from being cool and edgy and a moody highlight reel, there simply are better agents in our Valorant character ranking. Rest assured though, Omen, you have our hearts.

Check back tomorrow to find out #8 and as you know, EarlyGame has got you covered on all things Valorant.

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