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Worst to Best - Valorant Agent Ranking: #7 Jett

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Too cool for school: #7 Jett. (Image credit: Valorant)

In this daily series, we rank all Valorant agents from worst to best. Today it's #7 - Jett.

Jett was arguably the most popular agent before the game dropped and the one displayed on most promotional art. Why? She looks cool as hell, duh. I mean, white hair and knives? Are you kidding? On top of that she’s got better moves than Jagger and is simply a slick experience.

Valorant jett title

It’s almost as if Riot Games combined Genji and Tracer into a new character… (Image credit: Riot Games)

The problem with Jett is that her kit is very mechanically demanding. Using Tailwind, she can dash in any direction and Updraft propels her upwards. The problem is that the latter has a start delay, while the first has a little delay after the dash. That means that they really have to be timed right or you’re just gonna be a sitting duck. Add to that the fact that Valorant punishes you for shooting while moving and you really have to know what you’re doing when playing as Jett.

Her ultimate Bladestorm surrounds Jett with knives that kill on headshots. These knives can be accurately used even while moving - that is if you can accurately aim while moving. Essentially, that is what Jett boils down to: If you are mechanically able, she is a very strong character. She's particularly interesting for snipers who get an extra close-range weapon with her ultimate and also have some utility in her ‘smoke grenades’, Cloudburst.

Source: Youtube - Valorant

All in all, Jett is a solid character that, even when played without the best aim, will at least make you improve your accuracy. Lastly, let’s not forget that, despite its very serious esports intentions, Valorant is still a video game. Too often we forget that games are supposed to be fun. If nothing else, Jett is at least and most definitely fun to play.


Tomorrow we’ll reveal Agent #6 in our daily ranking right here on EarlyGame, so keep an eye on our Valorant section.

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