#6 - Brimstone

Worst to Best - Valorant Agent Ranking: #6 Brimstone

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Commander Brimstone comes in at #6. (Image credit: Valorant)

In this daily series, we rank all Valorant agents from worst to best. Today it's #6 - Brimstone.

Design-wise Brimstone is not as flashy as some of the other characters in the game and that’s also reflected in-game. He's definitely more grounded and takes a more tactical approach to the game, and, surprise, that’s a good thing in a tactical shooter.


Commander hat, command tablet… yup, I think Brimstone was meant to be a controller-type agent (Image credit: Riot Games)

Brimstone is a bit difficult to use, as he requires intricate map knowledge. His ability Sky Smoke are the best smokes in the game and can be deployed from anywhere on the map. If you know what areas to block off, this can be a game changer and secure a plant or a defuse. If you don’t know what you’re doing though, or have poor communication on your team, this ability seriously loses a lot of its value.

Other than that, Brimstone has Incendiary, a grenade launcher that fires a Molotov which deals area damage and can force enemies out of cover. Stim Beacon allows for anybody standing in its radius to fire faster and is one of the more useless abilities in the game. To make up for it, his ultimate, Orbital Strike, is extremely strong and orders an airstrike that can immediately clear an area, which can stop a defuse or a plant from the other side of the map.

Source: Youtube - Valorant

Brimstone is all about control. Just like all his ability names, he might be a bit boring to play for some, but in the right hands, he sure can make you feel like you’re controlling the flow of the game. With good game awareness and map knowledge, Brimstone is a beast. If you don’t have either, his abilities will feel more like a chore. Definitely not beginner-friendly.


Tomorrow we’re breaking into the Top 5, but today you can still catch up on more Valorant here on EarlyGame.

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