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Worst to Best - Valorant Agent Ranking: #5 Sova

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Better haircut than everybody in quarantine right now: #5 - Sova. (Image credit: Valorant)

In this daily series, EarlyGame ranks all Valorant agents from worst to best. Today it's time for #5 - Sova.

Sova is one of the agents in Valorant that is not blessed with superpowers but rather is using radianite-fueled technology: He’s simply a human with a superhuman haircut and eyebrows on fleek.

Legolas sova

Rumor has it Legolas is getting ready to file a likeness lawsuit. (Image credit: Lord of the Rings, New Lince Cinema)

Sova is an agent that specializes in providing vision and information for his team. Unfortunately, there is another agent higher up on the list that simply does a better job at it, which is why Sova ranks here.

Sova’s arrows have a variety of uses: Shock Bolt is a bolt that… well, it shocks for AoE damage. The cool thing here is that the arrow can be bounced off walls depending on how long its being held for.
The second arrow-ability is also unmistakably named - Recon Bolt. It does exactly what it says it does and reveals enemies to you. Recon Bolt can also be pulled for more distance or bounces and is very handy for gathering intel. Similarly as useful is Sova’s Owl Drone, which can be flown around the map and used to shoot darts at enemies in order to reveal them. However, the drone can be shot down and you do have to hit your darts to properly to tag the enemy for your whole team to see. This makes it require a bit more skill than the Recon Bolt to use. Skill is also the name of the game with Sova’s ultimate, Hunter’s Fury, which fires three arrows that travel the entire map, go through walls and damage and reveal enemies. For this ability to be useful, you really need to know what you’re aiming for - in fact, this is true for every single one of Sova’s abilities:

If you have the map knowledge and know the angles at which to fire your arrows, Sova can be a game changer because a good Sova will constantly have the enemy team revealed and can single-handedly control locations.

Team Liquid’s Mendo walking you through how to use Valorant (Source: YouTube - Team Liquid)

Because Sova provides so much intel and value to the team, he is ranked this high. However, because there is another agent doing what Sova does best even better, he is also ranked this low. It doesn’t help that playing Sova to the best of his abilities requires solid game knowledge and awareness.


Check back for #4 tomorrow and catch up on more Valorant today right here on EarlyGame.

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