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Worst to Best - Valorant Agent Ranking: #2 Breach

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Peek-a-boo, I’ll hurt you: #4, Breach (Image credit: Valorant)

In this daily series, EarlyGame ranks all Valorant agents from worst to best. Today it's time for #2 - Breach.

Alright, we finally breach the Top 2 with none other than… Breach. Ok, yes, we need to stop it with these tryhard jokes…

But, still Breach is our #2 and is named for what he does best: Breaching the opponents defense. Nowhere is safe when Breach is around and in game that is so reliant on cover and strategy, someone that can disrupt all that is invaluable. He is easily one of the best agents in Valorant.

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And we thought Popeye had big forearms…. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Angles, cover and peeking are such essential parts of Valorant that Breach is a must-have for most squads. There is just one agent more invaluable, which is why her ranks as the second best agent in Valorant.

His whole kit is based around making people leave their cover and opening up the attack for his squad. All of his abilities argo through walls and devastate whatever is on the other side, be it by blinding, disorienting or with knock-ups.

His flash ability is simply called Flashpoint and, naturally, it’s a flash and it shoots through walls. Aftershock works very similarly: You can blast it through walls and it erupts on the other side. Unkike Flashpoint though, Aftershock is used to deal damage. It errupts on the other side after a short delay, so most of the time it will be used to force enemies to move. Fault Line works very similarly, though it has to be charged and can then be fired anywhere - on open terrain or through obstacles. It doesn’t damage but rather disorients everybody caught in its radius. Breach’s ultimate, Rolling Thunder is essentially Fault Line on steroids: It’s a bigger, wider earthquake that knocks opponents up as well as disorienting them, leaving them vulnerable and ready to be picked off.

Mendo's Breach Walkthrough. (Source: Youtube - Team Liquid)

All of this gives Breach tremendous crowd control. The psychological effect Breach has on opposing players is valuable in itself: They rest uneasy, knowing that no cover is safe. With good team communication, Breach can get anyone to either leave their cover or be completely disoriented allowing for a push and easy kills. What’s more, Breach’s abilities are fairly easy to use, making him powerful in a beginner’s hands as well. You can’t really do much wrong with Breach and you will always be a big help to your team.


Check back tomorrow to see who the best agent in Valorant is or do some quick maths to determine who’s left over. Either way, you can read all about the #1 in our agent ranking here tomorrow and read all about Valorant today on EarlyGame.

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