Worst Esports Rage Moments

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lpl esports rage moment
Moments before the rage hits. (Image credit: Carrie Seo)

The esports world is filled with winners… and thus, losers. Most pros know how to take a bad game with no problems, but a few players are less than graceful about it. In esports, their rage moments are recorded – and we collected some of the highlights of players going way beyond losing their cool.

2013 EU LCS – SNS vs aAa

Sinners Never Sleep versus Against All Authority started out as a VERY one-sided match in a best-of-five setup – and aAa player Nono, after being killed 19 minutes in, simply rage-quit. He disconnected mid-game, confusing the casters and obviously killing all chances his teammates had.

Indeed, the game ended with a 3-0 score for Sinners Never Sleep… and forever branded Nono as a rage-quitter. He really did his username justice by raging out like that!

Matt “Dellor” Vaughn in 2017

Dellor was a signed pro player in the Overwatch community– he was part of Toronto Esports but ruined it all by raging out on camera. During a ranked play that he allegedly didn’t know was being streamed, Dellor had some bad moments – and he blamed it on everything but himself.

He reacted by spending a good 30 seconds (on camera) raging out – complete with repeated screams of racist slurs.

He was subsequently booted off the team, and his career met a swift but decisive end. Not controlling your emotions like that isn’t a good look for anyone!

Dellor also later filed copyright claims to get recordings of his career-ending episode taken off YouTube and similar sites.

Dellor issued copyright notices after his raging out - Source: Techspot.com
Dellor issued copyright notices after his raging out. (Image credit: Techspot.com)

Li “Vasilii” Wei-Jun – LPL

Former LPL player Vasilii is truly the worst of the worst
Former LPL player Vasilii is truly the worst of the worst - (Image Credit: TacosWillPronUs via YouTube)

LPL player Li “Vasilii” Wei-Jun didn’t just rage out, he completely redefined rage-quitting – and not in a good way. After a frustrating League of Legends game and near the 20-minute surrender mark in his match, he decided he’d had enough, and fired his ultimate towards his teammates instead of the enemy before throwing off his headset and walking away.

That rage-quit wasn’t the end, though – Vasilii smashed his keyboard, monitors, and even some lighting that staff had to repair later. A referee tried to console the other man – Vasilii ended up chasing him around the room and threatening him.

As if that wasn’t horrible enough, in a separate incident later on, Vasilii was recorded (and thankfully later arrested) first for verbally abusing his girlfriend, then actually beating her and throwing furniture around the room, even making death threats.

Needless to say, this godawful and trashy behavior ended his career and led to his arrest.

Now, the esports scene has done some growing since then but it still has a long way to go. Still, as Mr. Rogers said, "look for the helpers". Better to focus on the wholesome than to keep bringing the awful up as anything but a cautionary tale.

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