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RAFFLE round 2: Win the Gamers Academy FIFA 20 Skillbook in our EarlyGame raffle!

Gamers Academy Skillbook

Your chance to win the exclusive Gamers Academy Fifa 20 Skillbook. (Image credit: Gamers Academy)

Another chance to be even better at FIFA 20! Join round 2 of our raffle to win the ultimate FIFA 20 Skillbook and improve your game on the digital pitch.

All the greats know it. Cristiano Ronaldo knows it. Messi knows. Lewandowski knows it: Even when you’re the best, you can always get better. So you’re dominating your friends in FIFA? You’re Division 1 and your Ultimate Team is stacked? Guess what: It’s not the end of the road yet.

For exactly this reason, Gamers Academy has been helping FIFA gamers improve their game since its inception. Here is your chance to win their ultimate FIFA 20 Skillbook.

  • CLICK HERE to participate in the raffle for the FIFA 20 Skillbook

Win the FIFA 20 Skillbook

Gamers Academy Skillbook

The Fifa 20 Skillbook will improve your all-around game. (Image credit: Gamers Academy)

Our partner Gamers Academy is giving away their FIFA 20 Skillbook. Want to work on your dribbling, your offense or your defense? The FIFA 20 Skillbook has got you covered. With an endless number of lessons, it will help you to up your game. There are skill sessions for tactics and exclusive advice on FIFA Ultimate Team Management. After you’re done going through the book, you will have mastered every FIFA skill move in the game and look good while leaving everybody else in the dust.

Let’s just keep it simple and say it how it is: Gamers Academy’s FIFA 20 skillbook is your one place stop to become dominant in FIFA. Simple and comprehensive - all in one place.

How to participate

It’s simple: Click on the link below for your chance to win one of 3 skillbooks:

  • CLICK HERE to participate in the raffle for the FIFA 20 Skillbook

When clicking on the link, just follow the instructions to collect credits: Follow the Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and/or visit the website to collect your credits. After ten days, the skillbooks will be raffled among the people with the most credits.

Time Period

The raffle will run from June 25, 5pm to July 12, 11am. Anybody from Europe, North America, South America and Oceania can participate.

That’s it. It is that simple! Good luck and have fun destroying your opponents on the pitch.

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