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Will There Be a Crossover Between Fortnite and Fall Guys?

Fall Guys Fortnite Crossover

Image credit: @Adrotito via Twitter

In recent days Fall Guys has become the latest big success in the video game industry. As such, the multiplayer Battle Royale game already has fans who are developing ideas for potential crossover games. And a favorite could be Fortnite.

Fall Guys was released less than a week ago and is free for players with a PlayStation+ account. For the PC, it is available on Steam for €20. The principle is quite simple. You play as a small figure in a round of maximum 60 players. You fight (or rather walk and bump) your way through a variety of mini-games. The variety of figures and how you can design them actually reminds a little bit of Fortnite. No wonder that Twitter is already teeming with crazy crossover ideas between Fall Guys and Fortnite.

Fall Guys X Fortnite

Among them, the artist @Adrotito stands out in particular. He posted a picture with figures of the Fall Guys dressed in skins reminiscent of Fortnite's Lama Loot Pinata and the cuddle team leader. The image caught the attention of the official Fall Guys Twitter account, which promptly retweeted the image. To do so, they asked for the number of Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney to discuss something "business".

It's quite possible that nothing will come of the requested collaboration of the above tweet, but Fall Guys has dominated social media since its release and the response to the game seems to be quite strong.

At this point, Tim Seeley or the official Fortnite-Twitter account has not yet responded to the tweet. At least not publicly. Of course, Epic Games seems only too willing to enter a cooperation with other companies. After all, Fortnite already had cooperations with franchises like John Wick, Star Wars, Avengers, and DC. Recently, they announced the Avengers Crossover, where players can earn a cool pickaxe in the shape of Hulk hands. A partnership with Fall Guys would follow this tradition.

At the moment, Fortnite and Fall Guys fans can only admire the numerous cool fan arts, but we're curious if we'll see official artwork here soon!

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Tasho Tashev

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