Rumors of A new Perfect Dark Game

Will Perfect Dark Release on Xbox Series X?

Perfect Dark Next Gen

Image credit: Rare Ltd

A new rumor has surfaced that the Game Perfect Dark may release to the next-gen Xbox Series X. Supposedly under development by Rare Ltd. and 15 years since we saw the last Perfect Dark game on Xbox 360.

Reporter Jeff Grubb possibly confirms on twitter that the studio Rare is developing a game set in the same universe as the Perfect Dark. It makes sense since Rare Ltd. developed the previous game in the series Perfect Dark Zero for Xbox.

In the comments of the tweet linked above Jeff Grub hints at confirmation of this rumor but it remains unconfirmed by any official source.

Fans have to wait and see if they get another installment in the Perfect Dark series and will be surprised to hear that the game might be in the third person this time instead of the original its FPS genre. Nothing is officially confirmed but expect something soon maybe at Gamescom 2020?

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