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Finally the mobile League of Legends we all have been waiting for

WILD RIFT - Closed Beta Out NOW!

League of Legends
Wild Rift Closed Beta Logo
Wild Rift Closed Beta Starts Today! (Image credit: Riot Games)

This is the moment we all have been waiting for...Strap in because Wild Rift closed beta is live!

Riot Games is launching League of Legends Wild Rift today in South East Asia. Bummer for everyone that does not live there - great for everyone that does. To be specific: If you live in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore you are one lucky champion that can hit the battleground in Wild Rift right away.

Closed beta starts on the 15th of September and will run for several weeks. It is not clear yet when Wild Rift will expand to other regions; also not which regions will follow next.

New Features?

In comparison to the alpha, the closed beta has some changes that make us happy:

  • 6 new Champions: With the start of the closed beta we get to see and fight with 6 new champions from the diverse world of Runterra: Amumu, Dr. Mundo, Jarvan IV., Sona, Singed and Varus.
  • New Cosmetics: For the first time ever we will be able to buy skins and other cosmetic gadgets. In total we are talking about almost 300 new items including skins, sticker, champion moves and other in-game features.
  • Ranking System: In the closed beta we get to see the complete ranking system of Wild Rift including the new rank called Emerald. In the ranking system one can play alone or with friends.
  • Camera and Controls: The camera and controls are now customizable to your needs and desires.
Jinx Picture
Jinx in LoL Wild Rift. (Image credit: Riot Games)

What else is there?

To play Wild Rift all you need to do is pre-register via the Google Play Store and step by step and at random you will be selected for the beta whenever the beta starts in your region. Alternatively, you can register on the Wild Rift Website for a chance to take part in a small test phase for iOS that will run in parallel to the closed beta.

Riot also announced that more news about the future of League of Legends Wild Rift will come in the beginning of October 2020. We as EarlyGamers are also keen on and would be very hyped to see that Riot puts this game also into a console version at some point.

So this was a long night for us but we had to get this out to you on time and of course we wanted to join in on the celebrations of our lucky friends that are now battling and destroying the opposing champions on the beautiful world of Wild Rift.

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