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Why You NEED Rocket League In Your Life!


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Rocket League’s free to play date is finally here: Tomorrow, on September 23, you can finally download Rocket League for free. Even better is the fact that on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch the game is entirely free - no PS Plus and Nintendo Switch Online necessary. Xbox Live Gold will still be necessary to play the game, but downloading the game will also be free on Xbox and on PC. Just be aware that you need to download the game from the Epic Games Store.

Now if you are somehow not familiar with Rocket League, then you should definitely watch or video or… just try the game. It’s free after all…

Seriously though, Rocket League is definitely worth a time and we really encourage you to give the game a shot. Psyonix’ former indie game has really blossomed into something special and there is a reason millions of people enjoy the game. Now it just remains to be seen if the much coveted Rocket League free to play release date will cause the servers to melt… Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

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