The new ghost-hunting game explodes on Twitch!

Why Is Phasmophobia So Popular in the Gaming Scene?


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The hottest new game on Twitch is Kinetic Games Phasmophobia, a cooperative ghost-hunting game that will scare the hell out of anyone who plays it (and you should). But what makes it so special?

The incredibly popular game on Twitch, Phasmophobia is a co-op horror game from the indie studio Kinetic Games. It gets into the heads of the players and when you play, the real world doesn't exist anymore. When you stop playing, it gradually returns, even if the goosebumps on your arms still make you remember the past. What exactly is Phasmophobia and why are so many people crazy about it?

What Is Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia puts players in the role of low-budget ghost hunters who use low-tech gadgets like salt piles, flashlights, and video cameras to explore places like a cabin, a school, or a family home. The goal is to resolve the haunting for the inhabitants of the area. Is a simple ghost or a fearsome demon behind the strange events? Only a thorough test with the right equipment can determine this.

Players work together and spread out to search for clues, such as written notes in a diary, fingerprints from ghosts, or even an Ouija board. Some ghosts only appear when a player is alone. The game also picks up the players' voices so that a ghost will answer certain questions or appear in rage when a player repeats his name. The players have to find out what special kind of ghost is present, take some pictures and so on. The clock is ticking and as time passes by the ghost becomes angrier and more aggressive until it starts to kill players without mercy.

Phasmophobia - All Over the Internet

The game is just exploding on Twitch at the moment. It is the seventh most popular game on the streaming platform with over 160,000 followers watching the game. It is one of the five most played games on Steam. It is even well represented on TikTok.

Things Are Not Always Smooth

It's a game that works most of the time, but it has small glitches and design bugs that slow down the action to a sometimes frustrating or unbearable pace. It has very slow running animations and ghosts like to take their time to appear. In other words: Besides the Ghostbuster skills, there is one thing you need to have above all: patience.

The fact that the voice chat does not work quite often, although it is so important for the game, is nothing special anymore.

So Why Is the Game so Popular Anyway?

The real reason Phasmophobia attracts so many people is that it is just incredibly scary. The game is more addictive than most horror movies, which makes it so exciting to watch. Kinetic Games has brought the small details that really bring a horror scene to life. The flickering of the lights, a silhouette that appears briefly in a door frame and then disappears from view, a picture frame that moves on a table without any visible force. Since you play the character who experiences this, it all becomes even more exciting. Especially when you play the game with your friends.

Phasmophobia Ghost

Image credit: Kinetic Games

The fact that Halloween is just around the corner and players are slowly getting ready for the spooky gaming events in all kinds of titles should not be overlooked. Currently, it costs €11.59 on Steam, which makes it a very affordable game. With its profound gameplay and state-of-the-art horror, Phasmophobia is a must-have for all horror fans.

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