Who is this kid and why is his weapon so awesome?

Who is Basri Ket?

Who is Basri Ket: Oketra's Monument

Oketra’s Monument - Basri’s favorite place to hang out. (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast.)

It’s not every day that a new Planeswalker casually arrives, all shining with pride and wielding a cool weapon in hand. Core Set 2021 introduces Basri Ket, a while-affiliated battle mage from the Egyptian-inspired plane of Amonkhet. Here’s everything you need to know about the kid.

But first, let us bring you to speed super fast. A Planeswalker is a somebody who’s spark has ignited, giving them the power to travel across the multiverse and visit its countless worlds. More on that in our dedicated article.

Amonkhet is a glorious desert world full of pyramids, gods, and their devoted worshipers trying to please them doing special rites called Trials while divided into groups called crops. Well, at least Amonkhet used to be these things, until it was revealed that the whole world was a careful setup by MTG mega-villain Nicol Bolas who used his god-pharaoh status to basically kill everybody and turn them into an army of zombies and then sic them against the city-plane of Ravnica. Here’s a cool cinematic on the subject to refresh your memory:

War of the Spark Official Trailer – Magic: The Gathering. (Video credit: Wizards of the Coast.)

This is where Basri Ket comes in. He is a white-affiliated planeswalker, meaning he’s a goody-two-shoes type of guy. The young fighter has dedicated his entire life serving to Oketra, the Goddess of Solidarity. Basri and his crop managed to complete the Trial of Solidarity, earning one of Amonkhet’s biggest honors and the kid even got one of the goddess’ arrows, which serves as the basis for his cool weapon to this day.

Who is Basri Ket: The Artwork from Basri's card

Basri, wielding his trademark gold-sand magic and Oketra’s arrow. (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast.)

However, the moment of joy was quickly shadowed by the Hour of Devastation and the rivers of blood that flooded Amonkhet. The shock was so great, that Basir’s spark ignited and he unwillingly planeswalked away. The reveal that everything he believed in was a lie and his goddess was dead threw the kid into a deep crisis of faith. However, he managed to pull his act together, and as soon as realizing what’s going on, he came back home. Oketra might be dead, but her teachings of solidarity, kindness, and justice, held true. Ket united the wounded and suffering people of Amonkhet and lead them as his loyal soldiers. Not bad!

On the field of battle, the young fighter casts shiny gold sand-like aura to protect him and his mates. Basri is all about team tactics and making his friends fight as one with boosted strength, conviction, and zeal.

In terms of cards, Basri might be a newcomer, but already well-represented in the game. There are two planeswalker versions of him - Basri, Devoted Paladin and the appropriately named Basri Ket. And both his spells and friends have received some cards in Core Set 2021, including Basri's Acolyte, Basri's Aegis, Basri's Lieutenant, Basri's Solidarity.

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