Since yesterday's update, the bunkers can now be opened

Where are the Warzone bunkers located, where are the access cards & how to get into Bunker 11?

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Co D bunker

We'll show you where to find the bunkers. (Image credit: Activision)

For a long time now, Warzone players have been puzzled over what lies behind the bunker doors. The red access card was the first teaser and since yesterday's patch 1.21 it can now actually be used to open the bunkers. They contain the Holy Loot Grail of CoD: Warzone - and more secrets.

The bunkers in Verdansk have been a mystery for the longest time now. We suspected that they might be loot chambers like in Apex Legends - and we were right.

A while back, a mysterious, unusable red access card found its way into the game with an update. Now it can be used to open the bunkers - courtesy of patch 1.21. As you can now see in numerous videos on YouTube, there is a huge amount of boxes and legendary loot behind the steel doors.

Where are the bunkers?

In total, there are 12 bunkers in Verdansk, which are all more or less located on the edge of the map and are numbered from 00 to 11. Reddit user Lampy101 created the following map, which marks and numbers all bunker locations in blue. We’ll address the phones - marked in red - and the computers - blue - later.

Co D bunker locations

All bunker locations and phones numbered. (Image credit: Lampy 101)

To open one of the bunkers you have to find a red Access Card, which can then be used to open any of the bunkers - except bunker number 11.

The red access card

The little red card came into play some time ago and caused a stir. Since yesterday, it can now be used to open the bunkers. But it is not exactly easy to get hold of one of these cards: The red access card can be found as a drop from legendary (orange) loot boxes. However, it is not a guaranteed drop, which makes it so rare. An alternative way to get it is to take out an opponent who has it on him - the access card drops along with the equipment. Neither of these are guaranteed and easy ways - so if you do find a key card, consider yourself lucky.

What is Bunker 11 all about?

As already mentioned, you can use the Access Cards to enter all bunkers, except Bunker #11. What's in there?

Well, to get into Bunker 11, the first thing you have to do is listen to a message that gives you a code. This is where the aforementioned phones come in. All over the map, you can find phones that you can interact with when they ring. You have to interact with different phones until you hear a message that tells you a three-digit code. Since the message is always in Russian, you should either have someone in the squad who speaks Russian or have an app ready that shows you the Russian pronunciation of the numbers one to ten. The three-digit code tells you in what order you now have to interact with certain phones. We have numbered the phones accordingly on the map above. This video shows the exact positions:

If you understood the code correctly and interacted with the three phones in the correct order, you should see a green light over bunker 11. To enter it you don't need an access card anymore, you just have to interact with the keypad and open the bunker.

Once inside you will find a lot of legendary loot boxes, but there is more: If you follow the passage you'll come to a room with several doors. Behind the first door on the left side you can press a switch to restart the computers. Behind the second door you’ll see a countdown, which counts down from ten to two and then gets stuck. On the right side there is a table behind the door with a legendary machine gun. Whoever picks it up will unlock a new weapons blueprint for the entire squad. Afterwards you can crawl through a hole in the wall and press a red button. This will make the smoke on the other side of the window disappear and give you a view of an atomic bomb. This video shows again all these steps:

Image credit: Geeky Patimes via YouTube

Finally, we can enter the bunkers - and Bunker 11 has some serious surprises in store: What do you think the countdown and the atomic bomb means? Could this be a teaser for a future event in Warzone? We are allcurious. Until we find out, all news and updates on Call of Duty can be found on EarlyGame.

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