New month, new ladder - here’s all you need to win

What Hearthstone deck to play in June?

Hearthstone top decks june 2020

The Bladefist has no master. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

June is here and you know what that means - brand new competitive season! With the whole month ahead of us, we’re looking for cool decks to try and climb the ladder. These are our picks for some solid offerings making sure you’ll get your win streaks in no time.

Bomb Warrior

Code: AAECAQcEm5QD3q0D6LADvrkDDUuQA6IE1AT/B5qUA9mtA92tA6S2A6u2A7i5A8C5A5y7AwA=

Our first pick is a rock-solid Warrior build. Coming very reasonably priced at just 9,340 arcane dust and sporting only 3 Legendaries. The name says it all - use Ancharrr to shuffle Bombs in your opponent’s deck and watch them go boom!

You are Prepared to hit Legend

Code: AAECAea5AwTMugPDvAPZxgPaxgMNpaED/acD+a4Di7oD17sDxLwD4LwDjb0D1r4Dx8YD98gD+cgD/sgDAA==

Costing just 7,780 dust, this is a tempo Demon Hunter deck that performs great right now. Mulligan is key! Keep all the 0, 1, 2, and 3-Mana cards that you draw and push the offense. The deck is really good at keeping the opponent on the defense, but can’t really afford to take too long. If your enemy recovers, things won’t go well for Illidan.


Code: AAECAf0GCrQDxQTbBooH66MD/KMDu6UDiLADkbEDvb4DCtwGzgfECNqWA9qbA+WsA+usA+ysA+2sA+m+AwA=

This one comes at a hefty 12,580 arcane dust, this deck is all about… wait for it… Malygos. The awesome part about this deck is that it doesn't really have a hard counter, save for maybe Warrior. Learn how to combo your spells with that colossal Spell Damage +5 bonus and you’ll be upgrading your seasonal chest in no time!

Best of luck this month and remember the number one rule of Hearthstone - have fun!

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