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What does Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 bring to the table?

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Co D Season 4 released

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 holds more content than consoles can take. (Image credit: Activision)

Last week saw the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 after a prolonged delay. There’s a ton of content in the new update, so let’s not waste any time and dive into it!

Warzone and Modern Warfare Season 4 was finally released yesterday. Publisher Activision and developers Infinity Ward had previously postponed the event to show support for the US protests that followed the death of George Floyd. Now, we got what we wanted.

A huge update

As expected, players were greeted with a huge update when they wanted to start the game. Depending on the platform – 32-45 GB if we are being precise. On top of all this there were bugs. Xbox users were smashed over the head with an 80 GB update size while PC users “enjoyed” the slowest download of their lives.

Large updates are always an annoyance, especially for console users. Infinity Ward are working on compressing the files so that the space taken up by the game is limited to 4 GB and recommended deleting some files from modes which are no longer played to further help with the issue.

What's new?

When and if you manage to download and install the update, you can look forward to a lot of new content. The roadmap for Season 4 tells us what's already in the game and what's yet to come during the season.

Co D Season 4 Roadmap

The roadmap couldn't even display the ful lextent of new material. (Image credit: Activision)


There are three new maps from the beginning: Scrapyard, Trench and Barakett Promenade. Scrapyard is already known to us from Modern Warfare 2 and provides a lot of action. The map is relatively small, but still offers the possibility to use weapons for longer distances.

Trench is an extremely small Gunfight map that lets you sneak through trenches. Whoever leaves the trench is sitting on the plate. The last map Barakett Promenade is a ground war map and accordingly big. If you have played Warzone you will quickly find your way around the map, as it is part of Verdansk.

Another multiplayer map will be released during the season – Cheshire Park. We still don’t know what sort of map it is going to be.

Co D Scrapyard

Scrapyard is one of the maps introduced with Season 4. (Image credit: Activision)


As we have known for quite a while now, the popular Captain Price returns as a playable operator. You will get it immediately when you buy the new Battle Pass. As usual, there will also be Operator missions to unlock new skins for Price. During the course of the season, Gaz, a familiar operator from the campaign, will also be coming as a new operator, as well as another female operator named Roze. Both will be available in the shop in later bundles.


This time there are a lot of new weapons. Two weapons can be unlocked in the Battle Pass. On level 15 the Fennec submachine gun, better known as Vector to most people, and on level 31 the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle, better known as Galil. The Fennec has an extremely high fire rate and hardly any recoil, so it will probably be the new melee monster. The Galil looks quite balanced from the normal stats and doesn't stand out anywhere, so it remains to be seen how it performs with the right attachments.

A new sniper rifle called Rytec AMR will come into play later and the so-called Kali Sticks as a close combat weapon. In any case it will be exciting to see if the new weapons can shake up the current meta a bit or if, like so many weapons, they simply go down and are surpassed by the Grau 5.56 and M4A1 in every respect.

New in Warzone

There will be Call of Duty: Warzone events in the future. The events will not take place in every match, but will come randomly. There will be three different types of events, which will take place in the middle of a match.

Co D Supply Chopper

A helicopter will play central role in one of the new Warzone events. (Image credit: Activision)


Jailbreak: In a jailbreak event, all eliminated players are sent back into the game - even if they have lost their Gulag match. Stay in spectator mode after death, maybe you get a chance to return!

Fire Sale: In a Fire Sale event, all prices in the buy stations are temporarily reduced by up to 80%. Certain things can even be free. Buying back dead teammates is always free during this time. This event should cause a lot of shooting chaos.

Supply Chopper: In this event, a heavily armored helicopter lands on the map, which, if destroyed, leaves behind a lot of legendary loot. The helicopter will not attack, but it can take a while to destroy it. The helicopter will leave the map after a while if it is not destroyed.

Contraband Contract

There is also a new rare contract - the Contraband Contract. This can appear on the map after another contract has been signed. As soon as you see one, a suitcase must be taken to a marked extraction point and picked up by a helicopter. Whoever signs the contract receives a permanent weapon blueprint as a reward.

Warzone Rumble Mode

This new mode is basically a huge deathmatch. A hundred players go 50 vs. 50 with personal loadouts – no looting necessary. Vehicles can be used, but there are no tanks like in ground war – only the companions known from Warzone. If you've always wanted to fight a really big battle, but didn't want to buy Modern Warfare to play the ground war mode, you can now let off steam on Verdansk.

The update to Season 4 also brings some bugfixes, new challenges and lots of new bundles with cosmetics in the shop. If you want to read the full patch notes, you can do so here.

If you wish to check out more Call of Duty outside of the new update, you can stay at EarlyGame. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, too.

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