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What causes the "chat service unavailable" error in Valorant?

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If you’re getting the “chat service unavailable” error in Valorant we might have some bad news. Or it might be nothing to worry about.

Valorant is a tactical shooter and communication is key. Throughout the closed beta and even after the official launch on June 2, there’s one error that makes it impossible to talk to your teammates. What’s the reason for it?

Chat service unavailable

Players have reported getting this error in the closed beta and after the game’s release so not a whole lot has changed in that aspect. So you’re getting the famous error, but what’s causing it? There are a couple of reasons.

Banned in another game

The first and most logical thing to ask yourself is whether you’re banned in another Riot game. Considering the studio doesn’t have too many games, there are only a few choices. Either League of Legends or Legends of Runeterra. There’s a higher chance someone got banned in LoL than LoR, so check you’ve been penalized in the famous MOBA. In the case that’s true, you’ll have your answer. If not, there are a few more options.

Ps5 router

Make sure to check your router as it can be the source of your problems. (Image credit: Sony)

Bad internet / Packet loss

The second most common reason for the error is the case of bad internet and packet loss. If your connection is too intermittent you won’t be able to remain connected to the service.

Packet loss occurs when one or more packets of data travelling across a computer network fail to reach their destination. Packet loss is either caused by errors in data transmission, typically across wireless networks, or network congestion.

Just to be sure, make sure your router isn’t causing any issues or simply use a cable connection. If the problem persists, make sure to contact your internet service provider.

Riot messed up with an update

Last but certainly not least, it might all be just Riot’s fault. The number of people complaining about the error has increased dramatically since patch 1.02 so it only makes sense it’s not on the player’s end. Sometimes you might have to reinstall the game due to a bad patch install, but usually, the problem will eventually get resolved by Riot, so it’s only a matter of time.

Those were some of the typical reasons for the infamous error. If you’re still having trouble after checking all of them then it might be a good idea to turn to Riot’s support.

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