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What are the top Hearthstone decks right now?

Hearthstone top decks right now

Feeling like trying out a new competitive deck? (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment.)

Hearthstone’s metagame is fresh after the buffs and nerfs of the latest patch and with it comes a myriad of decks one can play. Sure, you can keep playing your Demon Hunter and have fun, but when it comes to climbing the ladder, we must refer to the good old tier list.

The Hearthstone metagame is very diverse and many decks can achieve success. These vary in terms of class, play style, and even budget. Without further ado, here’s a handful of picks for your consideration. We’ll spare you the full decklists and give you in-game codes for easy import. Handy!

Murloc Shaman

Code: AAECAaoIAv8FnJsDDsUD2wP+A9AHpwiTCYyUA7WYA8aZA/SZA8edA6+nA8qrA8m4AwA=

Let’s kick things off with a super-budget deck, costing just about 3,700 dust to craft. This is a classic Murloc blend in the best traditions of Hearthstone. Use your only Legendary, Scargil to flood the board with little fishy dudes. Clear the enemy’s defenses and buff your army. The rest is good old face smashing.

Highlander Mage


Feeling luxurious? Have 15,000 dust burning a hole in your pocket? How about winning in style with this 9-Legendary powerhouse! This deck is all about staying on top of your opponent. Take control of the battlefield and place threat after threat, exhausting your enemy out of their resources, before finishing them off.

Galakrond Secret Rogue


How about a nice medium between the other two extremes? This deck is all about tempo. Play your secrets and extract even more value when you combine them with Blackjack Stunner. Tempo is key here. You want to make your opponent regret playing cards because you will always be one step ahead, bouncing all of your opponent’s important minions back to where they came from. While not exactly cheap at 10,000 dust to craft, this game is fun and dynamic, rewarding your clever plays and keeping your adversary on their toes.

Which style fits you best? Play around and find out!

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