Riot Games forges partnerships with WePlay! and PAX

WePlay! And PAX Valorant Invitational Tournaments in July

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Riot Games is not wasting any time and continues to cheer the esport scene for its new title Valorant. WePlay! and PAX are new partners and host tournaments. Read on to find out who is taking part and what you can win in the Ignition Series.

Just under a month has passed since the official release of Riot's new shooter Valorant and the first partnerships in the esports scene are already emerging. One of the organizers will be WePlay! esports. He is allowed to host the event for one of the Ignition Series tournaments.

The Invitational Series

Major esports organizations such as G2 Esports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and forZe have already started signing professional players for their teams before the official release of Valorant. These and five other teams will compete for a whopping $50,000 in prize money between July 13 and 19. Open qualifiers will be played on the first two days of the series. Here two teams will have the chance to win a place in the tournament. Besides the ones mentioned above, three other organizations are already in the starting line-up: fish123, Prodigy, and the Party Parrots. Which of them will collect the prize money will become clear in the final on July 18 and 19.

Valorant at PAX

The PAX Arena also hosts a Valorant Invitational tournament. 16 teams will compete alongside 4 "Influencer Teams" between July 22 and 26 and try to claim the winner's $10,000. The remaining participants will be allowed to share a whopping $15,000.

We're curious to see what kind of plays and combinations we can expect after the recent changes and which teams will dominate the Ignition Series in the future. Who do you think will take the throne? Why don't you tell us about your favorite and your guess? I'll leave mine here: G2 Esports for the win!

For more news about Valorant and tournaments of all the major esports titles like League of Legends visit us at EarlyGame.

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