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Will the new Battlefield have crossplay?

Will Battlefield 6 Have Crossplay and Cross-Platform Multiplayer?

Battlefield 6 Crossplay and Cross-Platform News
We're pretty sure Battlefield 6 will have crossplay. (Credit: Eikas Perl Dino - ArtStation)

Battlefield 6 is coming as sure as winter, but one thing is crucial for every gamer: Will Battlefield 6 have crossplay? Will you be able to enjoy the multiplayer cross-platform? We have the answers.

Before we dive into the Battlefield 6 crossplay specifics, you might want to catch up on the wealth of news regarding the new Battlefield that we already covered:

Will the New Battlefield 6 Have Crossplay?

There is no definite answer from EA yet, but we are sure that Battlefield 6 will have crossplay. Why are we so certain? Due to this pandemic situation, barely anyone has a PS5 or Xbox Series X. We already know that Battlefield 6 has five of EA's studios working on it and is their biggest Battlefield production ever. There is no way that EA would risk losing out on the huge player base on PS4 and Xbox One. The player base on the next-gen consoles is simply too small. At the same time though, Battlefield 6 is confirmed to come to next-gen consoles and there is no way that EA will risk the next-gen multiplayer to flop due to no cross-platform play

You can bet your house that Battlefield 6 will have crossplay between next-gen and last-gen consoles, as well as between Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Another reason we are so sure about this is that Warzone has proven how successful and rewarding crossplay can be. Meanwhile, Battlefield 5 did not have crossplay and was not close to being the success that EA needed it to be. You can rest assured that EA will have learned from their mistakes and introduce crossplay for Battlefield 6.

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