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It’s time for the next step on the Viking adventure - Hearth and Home

Valheim Reveals First Big Update

Hearth and Home first update Valheim
Who is this mysterious raven? (Credit: Iron Gate Studio)

It’s been six weeks since Valheim entered Steam Early Access and developer Iron Gate has announced 6 million sales, making the Viking mega-hit Steam’s best-selling game right now. The team also reported they are making progress on the first big update of the game named Hearth and Home.

Can you believe a small survival game released in earth 2021 continues to beat even the biggest players in the industry in terms of sales? With a runaway success like this, the cynical-minded among us would think the developers would take their money and sail away to an exotic island on their private boat, but the opposite is true. The guys are hard at work forging the next step in the adventure dubbed “Hearth and Home”.

Valheim first update Hearth and Home
Yup, that’s the entire Valheim team! (Credit: Iron Gate Studio)

The big news was shared by the developers themselves in a Steam update. No details about the next update or its release date were disclosed, it was just an announcement. The team has been busy ironing out the numerous bugs reported by the community and now that things are settling down a bit, they can truly begin developing new content.

The internet has been buzzing with rumors regarding the mysterious raven on the picture of Hearth and Home. Of course, we’ll also throw our two cents! Some say the shadowy raven is a decoration for a building or a ship, but we think it’s a very real and powerful creature.

We know Huginn, the helpful raven who drops us in Valheim and provides useful tutorials and advice, but we haven’t seen his counterpart yet! We believe this is Muninn, the other raven sent by Odin to fly around and check Midgard out. Maybe he’s the next boss, even? That would be sweet!

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