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An online survival RPG with Zombies? Uh, yes please

This MMO Survival Game is Basically The Walking Dead Online


Undawn is the name of this online survival RPG. Tencent developer Lightspeed & Quantum is working on a PvP, PvE massive multiplayer zombie survival game running on Unreal Engine 4. Too good to be true?

You ever watched Walking Dead and thought you wanna live in that world? When Corona started, were you kind of hoping that victims would turn into zombies? No? Just me? Well, if you were, then Tencent's new game Undawn is for you. Oh, also this game might interest you too:

Survival RPG Undawn Tencent Release Date
Ah, what a beautiful generic promo text. Good job, marketing firm. (Credit: Undawn - Tencent)

Everything We Know About Undawn

Undawn will feature RPG, PvP and PvE elements: You battle zombies and other players, while you try to survive and scavenge to build shelters. According to devs, the game will involve trading and a huge open-world environment, and we're thinking: Valheim with zombies? Yes, please. Actually, here watch the trailer first, before we ramble on:

Undawn: Platforms & Release Date

There is no exact release date yet, but we do know that Tencent is planning to release the game this year still. Undawn will be released for iOS, Android and PC. Mobile and PC... yup, interesting, right? If you'd asked us a year ago if we have faith in a game that's getting a mobile and a PC version, we would've answered with a clear 'no'. This is 2021 though and Genshin Impact has proven that a game optimized for mobile can become one of the year's hottest items. Plus Undawn now has the added advantage of being playable anywhere and whenever you want to. Perfect for a survival co-op game that requires a lot of in-game attendance.

So, we're hyped for Undawn. If it follows in the footsteps that Genshin Impact left behind and combines the best of Valheim with the best of Walking Dead, then... what's not to like?

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