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This game is taking it to the next level

Ultra Realistic War-Shooter Six Days in Fallujah Will Have Insane Next-Gen Features!

Six Days in Fallujah procedurally generated battlefields
Six Days in Fallujah is not a happy, violence-glorifying shooter. If anything, it feels more like a cautionary tale. (Credit: Highwire Games)

Six Days in Fallujah is an ultra-realistic war-shooter by ex-Bungie developers. That in itself makes the game very, very interesting. Now it was announced that the game will re-shape battlefields each time you play. True next-gen stuff! We also got some info on its multiplayer and more. Read on.

Let's not do the intro thing, folks. Questions and answers, that's the drill, questions and answers.

What is Six Days in Fallujah?

Six Days in Fallujah is a war-shooter, set in Fallujah (duh), that will tell the true harrowing stories of the real-life soldiers that were deployed. Yes. It's as intense as it sounds and one of the reasons the game was originally canceled and deemed too controversial. If you wanna see how in detail the game goes in recreating real soldiers, check this out:

Six Days in Fallujah procedurally generated battlefields
Six Days in Fallujah feels more like a documentary than a game. (Credit: Highwire Games)

If other games are trying to be like movies, Six Days in Fallujah feels more like a documentary. You'll see in the video below just how insanely accurate some of the details in this game are. It's almost to the point where it feels wrong to gamify war to this extent.

Six Days in Fallujah Will Feature Procedurally Generated Battlefields

What does that mean? Here's how developer Highwire Games describes it:

"[A technology built by developer Procedural Architecture] which re-shapes the entire battlefield each time the game is played." 

How crazy is that? We're talking entirely new procedurally generated buildings and city blocks. If you're not sure what that does to gameplay, then we'll explain: It creates an entirely uncertain urban combat environment, that will never feel familiar – a tiny, scary glimpse at what the soldiers experienced in Fallujah.

Every room, every building, every sound and all AI behavior is generated anew by the game engine, every single time you boot up. 

Six Days in Fallujah procedurally generated battlefields
This door will never appear in that place again in any other playthrough – that's the level of detail Six Days of Fallujah is taking it to. (Credit: Highwire Games)

So when you play the game, there is no such thing as a 'map'. Every single map is a new map – if that makes sense. Yes, you'll still have objectives and a story, but they're generated fresh every time. Fallujah really wants you to feel like that soldier that jumps into conflict in unknown territory. No mission is ever the same, and, by the same token, no game in Six Days in Fallujah will ever feel the same. 

What Conflict is Six Days in Fallujah Based on?

The true story behind the game is from 2004: The game depicts the Second Battle for Fallujah – a battle that involved 100 marines, soldiers and Iraqi civilians. It's not a nice story and the game is not trying to tell a nice one either... this is a gritty, realisti shooter. No cosmetics and dances here. Move along, kids.


Six Days in Fallujah procedurally generated battlefields
No funny captions this time around. This game is all business. (Credit: Highwire Games)

When Will Six Days in Fallujah Be Released & on Which Platforms?

  • The release date is late 2021
  • The game will be released for PC and consoles

The game is currently planned to releases on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. How well the older consoles can handle the procedurally generated battlefields remains to be seen. On PC, you can expect to need a powerhouse.

Will Six Days in Fallujah Have Multiplayer?

Yes, the game will have multiplayer and single player. We don't know what the multiplayer will look or play like, yet. Is it PvP or PvE? We don't know. Since the game is trying to recreate true war experiences, we're guessing Six Days in Fallujah will take the PvE route. We see the game requiring team-work and communication to tackle its raw, gritty and ever-newly-generated missions. In fact, in the video at the top, we can see some pinging in play, which more or less confirms team-play elements while on missions against NPCs.

This is all guess-work though, and it does not exclude PvP. Only time will tell. For now, rest assured though: It will have multiplayer.

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