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Three new challengers

Street Fighter 5 Adds Old Fan Favorites and a Brand New Character

SFV new characters rose oro akira release date
Gotta love Oro and his turtle... come on... How dope is that? (Credit: Street Fighter v - Capcom)

Street Fighter 5 really is the gift that keeps on giving: SFV was released in early 2016, but the game is far from dead. Now, the Street Fighter V adds 3 new characters to its roster for the Spring Update and beyond: Rose, Oro and Akira Kazama.

Well, we got Dan in February, which, I'm sure you know, was two long-Corona months ago. Now, we will get three more characters: Rose, Oro and Akira. Release dates and details on the characters, right here, right now.

New SFV Character Rose

SFV new characters rose oro akira release date
Rose could be a super strong pressure fighter. (Credit: SFV - Capcom)

Street Fighter V Rose – Release Date

Rose is set to be released on April 19. She was first announced during the Winter update and is now coming our way with the Spring update. Hardcore Street Fighter 5 fans might've been waiting for a while, but those hearing it for the first time now: Don't you love it when you only have a couple of days to wait for something to release?

SFV Rose Moveset & Background

Rose is a soul-powered fortune-teller and her moveset was announced with quite the statement: According to Capcom, her moveset will "change the future of Street Fighter 5."

Her V-Skill I is called Soul Fortune and allows Rose to use a tarot card to buff herself or debuff opponents. Yup... SFV taking a note out of League of Legends' book. Her V-Skill II is Soul Satellite and functions the same as it did in Street Figther IV: Rose summons an orb that circles around her and, when triggered again, summons a second orb. The orb can either hit once or negate one projectile. A great pressure tool for all you annoying pressure fighters.

New SFV Character Oro

SFV new characters rose oro akira release date
Oro and his turtle will join the Street Fighter V roster soon. (Credit: Street Fighter 5 - Capcom)

Street Fighter V Oro – Release Date

Oro is confirmed by Capcom to join the roster in Summer. If you're unsure, that is June 21 to September 22. 

SFV Oro Moveset & Background

Oro last appeared in SFIII and will retain his one-armed style. Only this time, his one arm is not sealed off – instead he is holding his new turtle pet. Because... reasons.

Oro is said to come with his classic SFIII moveset, with some new moves added to the mix. His move Tsuranekeashi is a kick move that will be great for distance management to keep opponents away and can also be linked in combos. 

His V-Skill II, Minomushi, is a small hop that can be extended into combos.


New SFV Character Akira Kazama

SFV new characters rose oro akira release date
Akira is a brand new character. Maybe she'll be another simple-input character? (Credit: Street Fighter V - Capcom)

Street Fighter V Akira – Release Date

Akira is the second to last fighter coming with the SFV Season 5 premium pass and is said to be revealed "in the near future". No word on a release date or a release window yet.

SFV Akira Moveset & Background

Akira is new to Street Fighter and originally hails from the game 'Rival Schools'. We don't know much about her, but we do have a character work-in-progress trailer, that we don't want to withhold:

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