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A good month for PS Plus subscribers

PS Plus Games for May Announced!

PS Plus Games May
The PS Plus Games for May are here, and they are solid. (Credit: Sony)

The PS Plus Games for May 2021 have been announced, and they do not disappoint. We have the full list below.

We speculated on what would come to PlayStation Plus in May, and we were not too far off the mark. If, for some reason, you wanna see our predictions, you can do that here:

PlayStation Plus Games May 2021

Wreckfest | PS5

This one is for the PS5 only and the name is the game: You race cars and wreck as much havoc as possible. The game generally got good reviews, and you can check out one of them below:

Battlefield 5 | PS4

We predicted that Battlefield V would come to PS Plus, and it makes perfect sense: Battlefield 6 is just around the corner and releasing Battlefield 5 for free is the best advertising EA can get for the new Battlefield. This is easily the biggest PS Plus title to be released in May and its one that's definitely worth your time. 

If you wanna know about the other Battlefield coming up, we got all the Battlefield 6 coverage you could ask for here:

Stranded Deep | PS4

If you like survival games, then this is as hardcore of a survival experience as you'll get. You can probably guess it by the title, but Stranded Deep  will have you... stranded. If the Corona isolation wasn't enough, then this game will get you some virtual alone time on top of your quarantine.

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