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Among Us Airship Map Releases TODAY!

The new map in Among Us is finally live
Will Airship be better than The Skeld? (Credit: InnerSloth)

Among Us was the unexpected hit of 2020 grabbing the world by storm. One of the few drawbacks was the fact that the game only had three available maps. At least back then. But today is the release date for the new Airship map

When is the Among Us Airship Map Release Date?

After months of waiting, the latest map in Among Us is within reach, as it'll be going live today, March 31. As for the Among Us Airship map Release Time, they're keeping that pretty much under the wraps, as if they want us to be surprised when it finally drops. All we know is, that it'll come out during the daytime. So, any second now, folks!

Last year, was the best one for the multiplayer hit since its release in 2018. Among Us attracted tons of famous streamers and content creators on Twitch and hit record numbers on the platform.

Among Us player numbers Steamcharts
The numbers have been down lately. (Credit: Steamcharts)

In 2021 the title's numbers have declined but with the Airship map that might soon change. The new Airship map will obviously have a completely different layout than the other maps before (duh), and it's looking mighty confusing already.

But don't worry, once the new Airship Map will drop, EarlyGame will give you the only Airship Map Layout Guide that you need!

The Airship Map

Airship Map Among Us
This might be what the Airship map looks like. (Credit: InnerSloth)

The Airship map is set to bring a new layout, new features, different starting rooms, a preliminary account system, and new tasks. All of these are set to make things interesting once again as even the most hardcore players that have been playing non-stop will have something new to learn. In addition, it'll be tons of fun.

Streamers To Watch on Launch Day

Some of the biggest streamers on Twitch that played the game constantly in 2020 are making a return for Airship. Names like Valkyrae, Pokimane, DisguisedToast, JackSepticEye, and many others are already planning a launch stream to celebrate the new map.

Just two weeks ago, BoomTV held the Code Red Among Us tournament with $10 000 in prize money. It won't be too much of a stretch if some of the attendees there also tune in for the Airship launch.

In any case, today's going to be a big day for Among Us and there's a high chance that the title will see a huge influx of players returning for the Airship map. Have you played Among Us recently? Will you be booting it up for the new map today? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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