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Top 3 Most Underrated PlayStation Games

Underrated PlayStation Games - Predator Hunting Grounds
So some people are into that kind of thing, I've heard. (Credit: Illfonic)

Every one of you knows the most famous PlayStation exclusive games. Be it Ghost of Tsushima, Detroit Become Human, or even Death Stranding. But do you know how many PlayStation exclusives there are and how many of them are underrated? Today we want to show you some of them!

There are a million PlayStation games (ultra exaggerated, but okay). You only know the ones that people keep telling you about and for good reason. What about the ones that somehow get lost in releases like Marvel's Spider-Man PS4?

EarlyGame talks about them! Let's go!

3. MediEvil

Underrated PlayStation Games - MediEvil
The PS1 classic is still awesome today! (Credit: SCE Cambridge Studios)

Medieval is actually a PS1 classic. Many of you may have even played it. If not, then it's still worth playing on the PS4. If you played the original, then you simply have to get the PS4 version. The graphics and sound have been adapted for the PS4 and will immediately take you back to your childhood.

2. Predator Hunting Grounds

Underrated PlayStation Games - Predator Hunting Grounds
Now that's a classic! (Credit: Illfonic)

Nothing says the thrill of the hunt like Predator Hunting Grounds. You probably already know the Predator, and if you do, this game won't disappoint you. In Hunting Grounds, you get to play as THE Predator. It's a multiplayer title that came out in 2020 but went under the radar, like a predator.

1. Dreams

Underrated PlayStation Games - Dreams
Something different! (Credit: Media Molecule)

You probably know Dreams, or at least have heard of it. It's actually quite popular, you know? At least in the artsy scene. If you don't want to shoot or fight, then Dreams is perfect. Forget corona, forget life, play Dreams, and everything will be okay again... at least for a little bit.

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Original article by Michelle Stummreiter.