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Knockout City could be huge...

Another Huge Multiplayer Game Will Launch on Xbox Game Pass for Free!

Knockout City Will Launch on Xbox Game Pass
Will Knockout City be... a... knockout? Sorry, we had to do it. So sorry. (Credit: EA)

Knockout City is the latest multiplayer game with esports ambition akin to Rocket League: A fictive version of sports that's absolutely targeting competitive gamers. Will the EA game succeed? Well... launching on Xbox Game Pass is certainly going to help attract a large player base.

First things first, if you don't know anything about Knockout City, let's change that:

Now let's dive into the main piece of information and dissect it:

Will Knockout City be Free to Play?

No, Knockout City is not a free to play game. The game will only be free on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is exactly why this day one Game Pass launch news is such a big deal: It shows that developers EA and Velan Studios are aware of what a multiplayer game needs to do in this day and age to succeed: It needs to attract the biggest player base possible. Too often do games overestimate their appeal and come with a hefty price tag. 

The fact that Knockout City will be promoted to Xbox Game Pass' millions of players for no extra charge bodes well for the game. It's quite similar to how Fall Guys was able to attract a huge player base from the start. At this point, only gameplay stands in between Knockout City and its future success.

It's also important to note that the game was downloaded 1 million time during its beta. With that in mind and the fact that it will launch for free to all of Xbox Game Pass' 23 million subscribers, we can only say: Sky's the limit for this game.

Will Knockout City Have Crossplay?

Yes, Knockout City will have crossplay. PS4, PS5, PC, Switch and Xbox players will all be able to play together. The beta already had crossplay, so there is no uncertainty here. Unfortunately though, PlayStation, PC and Switch players will have to drop $19.99 on the game. Only Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to play Knockout City for free, so if you own an Xbox, maybe this is the time to make the jump to Game Pass Utimate.

When is the Knockout City Release Date?

Knockout City is set to release on May 21 for all the platforms mentioned above. With the news of the game launching on Xbox Game Pass, we are not worried about the player base at all. 23 million Game Pass users are nothing to scoff at. If you ask us, May 21 can't come soon enough.

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