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Is Battlefield 6 Even Releasing on PS4 & Xbox One?

Battlefield 6 Might Not Release on PS4 and Xbox One
So the skull is basically the last-gen consoles: Dead. (Credit: ArtStation)

Battlefield 6. The game that keeps us waiting with the utmost impatience. Every piece of Battlefield 6 news is a hot topic, and now we got something quite sizzling: Battlefield 6 might not release for the last-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One.

So, you know the drill by now. With so many Battlefield 6 news to stay on top of, we always start these off with a public service. An overview of some of our Battlefield 6 news:

Will Battlefield 6 Be Released on PS4 & Xbox One?

Well, apparently: No, Battlefield 6 might not be released on the last-gen consoles. We, at EarlyGame, have long suspected that with the destructible environments and the huge scale online battles that the game has planned, it might be too much for the PS4 and Xbox One to handle. How are last-gen consoles supposed to properly manage a game that has weather so extreme it crumbles buildings? A game that has players in excess of 120, duking it out amongst destructible and dynamic environments? 

Now, leaker TomHenderson seemed to confirm some of our Battlefield 6 suspicions:


Surely this is sad news to many that don't own a next-gen console yet, of which, there are many. After all, next-gen consoles are still selling like hot cakes, meaning they're snagged up the second they're announced. Does that comparison make sense? Whatever, it's close to midnight here, and I'm gonna roll with it... 

As a consolation: Battlefield 6 will launch on Xbox Game Pass, so you don't necessarily need a super expensive next-gen system to enjoy the game.

We'll know more in the coming weeks or months. At the latest, E3, which takes place between June 12 and June 15, will most definitely have some Battlefield 6 reveals.

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