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Farming Simulator as an esport actually exists

Farming Simulator League: Trelleborg Wins Online Tournament #4

Farming Simulator League
Trelleborg is a step ahead in the Farming Simulator League. (Credit: Giants Software)

The 4th online tournament of the Farming Simulator League is over and we have all the info. What is the Farming Simulator League and how did Online Tournament #4 go?

Yes, many of you might be asking yourselves: "Farming Simulator League? What's that supposed to be?" Don't worry, we'll explain. If you want to go right to the source, then there's the Farming Simulator League official website.

What is the Farming Simulator League?

Short and sweet: Farming Simulator Esports!

Each team consists of three players. In addition to some invited professional teams, so-called wildcard teams also take part in the tournament, which have to qualify in advance. Among the professional teams are long-time partners of developers Giants Software, such as agricultural machinery manufacturer Krone, John Deere, or Lindner.

The actual game lasts 15 minutes and takes place on opposite grain fields. After choosing the tractor models, the fields must be harvested as quickly as possible with combine harvesters, and pressed bales of straw and grain must be delivered to the specified stations. Whoever scores the most points wins the match.

FSL Online Tournament #4

The Online Tournament #4 had some exciting matches, Team Trelleborg secured the overall victory. The tournament had a few surprises in store. One of them was the wildcard team Cowana Academy, which made it to the quarter-finals, where it lost to the Swiss team mYinsanity. Krone's early loss to Lindner, which eliminated them from the tournament with no points, was also a huge shock.

In the final, Trelleborg and Corteva Agriscience met. The former won 2-1 after several exciting matches to secure first place.

Farming Simulator League Online Tournament #4
The Farming Simulator League Online Tournament #4 bracket. (Credit: Giants Software)

When Is the Next Farming Simulator League Event?

Online Tournament #5 will take place on April 17-18. In total, there will be six more tournaments before the World Championship is played out at Agritechnica 2021 in November.

If you missed the event, there's a Best Of highlight reel that can sum up Online Tournament #4 for you:

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.