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Battlefield 6 will take in-game weather to new extremes

Battlefield 6 Trailer Leak: Extreme Weather & Natural Disasters

Battlefield 6 Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters
In Battlefield 6 you'll supposedly also battle extreme weather conditions that affect the gameplay. (Credit: ArtStation)

More Battlefield 6 leaks: This time, recent reports suggest that we will get the Battlefield 6 trailer next month, and we might already know what's in the trailer: Storms and natural disasters that will greatly affect the gameplay. 

So if you've been here before, you know that Battlefield 6 has become one of our favorite games to cover. Anything there is to know on the new Battlefield, we covered it. Catch up on everything right here:

Unsurprisingly, this new Battlefield leak, once again, comes our way via Tom Henderson. The prodigy leaker claims that he already knows what we will get to see in the upcoming Battlefield Trailer.

What Will Be in the Battlefield 6 Trailer?

  • A tropical island
  • Extreme weather
  • Natural disasters

While the tropical island is a setting, the extreme weather and the natural disasters should be seen as gameplay features: They will greatly impact your gameplay experience in Battlefield 6. More than just words though, Tom Henderson backed his claim up with a drawing. It's not exactly the neoclassical art, but it will do:

How Will Extreme Weather Affect Gameplay in Battlefield 6?

Tom Henderson points to one of his older tweets to give us a better idea: A while ago he claimed that "explosions are not the only thing that can damage and topple buildings." We already know that Battlefield 6 will have destructible environments, and now we know that those environments are also at the mercy of mother nature: Tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes, tornados... all these things will be a part of the new game. By all accounts and purposes, natural disasters and extreme weather conditions will play a huge role in Battlefield 6.

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