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Soon. Very soon.

Battlefield 6 Reveal Event Coming Soon

Battlefield 6 Reveal Event Date
Under fire. Hair on point. Must be Garnier. (Credit: EA)

Battlefield 6 is set to be released for the holidays 2021. Now, if you're anything like us, that's not enough. We need gameplay, info, action... heck, we'd settle for an official title at this point. Well, apparently we might it all soon at the Battlefield 6 reveal event.

First, you know our drill by now if you ever read anything on here – if you need to catch up on Battlefield 6, here's all of our coverage for you:

Now let's move on to the news we're here for:

When is the Battlefield 6 Reveal Event?

According to GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb, the reveal event for Battlefied VI will take place in May. Better yet: Grubb added that it could be shown off over the next few weeks, which means it might even be before May. This makes perfect sense since EA also stated that the game would be revealed in Spring:

Why believe him? Well... because of the voices that talk to him. Duh... 

Seriously though, the man is connected in the industry and wouldn't throw this out there with such certainty. He specifically mentions "my understanding is that they're looking at May" and generally is known to have inside-sources.

This would also make sense, because you may remember famous Leaker Tom Henderson has predicted the reveal for Battlefield 6 to be on May 7.

We trust Grubb's word, and you don't have to, but for real: Isn't speculating and hoping and waiting and anticipating only to be disappointed the most fun part of gaming? No? Well... somebody should tell CDPR that.

Ha. Got 'em.

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