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Simple name, amazing setting

Battlefield 6: Name, Setting & Campaign Details Leaked!

Battlefield 6 Name, Setting & Campaign Details Leaked
According to leaks, Battlefield 6 will be set in the near future and we just couldn't be more hyped! (Credit: EA)

According to leaker Tom Henderson, Battlefield 6 will be part of a whole new Battlefield series and simply be called: Battlefield. He claims the game will be set in the near future, and we've got all the leaks on its setting and campaign right here. 

Tom Henderson is all the hype when it comes to leaks. Honestly, he is the world's number one leaker. The man even leaks in his sleep.


Anyway, he might've just given us the hottest scoop on Battlefield 6 yet. 

Battlefield 6 Name, Setting & Campaign Details Leaked
Battlefield 6. Battlefield. Battlefield -1... we don't care, just give us the game. (Credit: EA)

What Will Battlefield 6 Be Called?

Henderson claims that Battlefield 6 will simply be called 'Battlefield'. Yup, we went from Battlefield 3, to Battlefield 4, to Battlefield 1, followed by Battlefield 5 and now... just... Battlefield. Ok.

We guess EA is taking a page out of Activision's book: Call of Duty 2019 was simply called Modern Warfare as well. 

What's the Setting in Battlefield 6?

Well, if the leak is to be trusted, Battlefield 6 will be set around 2030. Near future? We love it. The cool thing about this setting is that we might actually get real weapon prototypes without going to deep down the sci-fi route. 

We're imagining something along the lines of high-end drones or robots, like the Boston Dynamic ones. Even with the cars and jets we might get to see some pretty dope stuff. 

Battlefield Boston Dynamics Robot Battlefield 6
We definitely see the near future setting of Battlefield 6 feature robots like this. (Credit: Boston Dynamics)

Will Battlefield 6 Have a Campaign? 

Yes. Apparently, Battlefield 6 will have a revolutionary campaign. While past Battlefields had a serviceable-multiplayer-intro-campaigns at best, this one is supposed to be something else. PR talk? Could be, but we definitely wouldn't mind a top-tier campaign for once. 

If we're trusting the rumors, we might even get to decide between campaigning for the US or Russia. How cool is that? Also, the campaign supposedly will have coop. We. Love. It. 

Lastly, Tom Henderson makes the bold claim that the upcoming Battlefield 6 trailer will not feature any gameplay. Well… time will tell.


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