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Well... Battlefield 6 probably just lost a couple of players

Battlefield 6 Might Launch Without Campaign & Without Single-Player!

Battlefield 6 Might Launch Without Campaign and without Single Player
The warfare in Battlefield 6 might be multiplayer only... no campaign would certainly be a first for Battlefield. (Credit: DeviantArt)

Battlefield 6 is not far away, so the news, rumors and speculations keep rolling in. We already knew that Battlefield 6's Battle Royale was probably gonna launch for free. Now it seems, that the game will also be launching without a campaign

With so much info on Battlefield 6, let us do you a favor first – an overview on all our latest Battlefield news:

Is Battlefield 6 Launching Without a Campaign?

Yes, it seems like Battlefield 6 will be launching without a campaign mode. This comes our way via – surprise, surprise – TomHenderson.

TomHenderson looked at recent leaks that claim one will be able to play as a British, Australian, American, Japanese, French or German soldier on the US side of the "campaign". According to him, this Tweet was interpreted by all to confirm a campaign, but according to him, this is wrong. This choice-of-nations stuff is merely the backstory of the game, and he says that a Battlefield 6 campaign or single-player content has not been confirmed yet:

Will Battlefield 6 Be Free to Play?

So it seems that Battlefield 6 will be solely focusing on its multiplayer and Battle Royale. Now, granted, the Battle Royale has not been confirmed yet, but it is 100% expected. More than that, it is just as certainly expected to be free to play. This means that Battlefield 6 could be a free to play game.

Does that sound insane? Yes it does, but it's not impossible. We could see Battlefield 6 launching its multiplayer portion entirely for free and going the Fortnite route in terms of monetization. 

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