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Scavengers looks lit!

Battle Royale Scavengers Has a 9000 Player Mode!

Scavengers Battle Royale 9000 player mode
Scavengers is not playing around... (Credit: Scavengers)

Scavengers is the latest Battle Royale to come our way, and it boasts a 9000 player Battle Royale survival game mode. Got your curiosity? Good, now attention please:

So Scavengers is described as a Battle Royale meets survival – which doesn't make sense, because Battle Royale games are inherently survival games, which... makes it make more sense because it means it is a Battle Royale meets survival, because every Battle Royale is a game that meets survival, but...

...I digress...

If you wanna know what Scavengers is all about and what it looks like, then I'll point you in the direction of this gameplay footage:

Everything About Scavenger's 9000 Player Spectacle

Essentially, Scavengers has an experimental multiplayer mode called ScavLab that allows up to 9000 people to play together. Developer Midwinter Entertainment held a test session for PC Gamer, during which 1700 live players joined the same game, with the remaining 7000 being in a digital queue.

Scavengers Battle Royale 9000 player mode
It's over 9000! (Credit: Scavengers)

This orgy of an event wasn't to display any competitive battles in Scavenger, rather it was more akin to a mix of a Fortnite virtual concert mixed with rag doll physics, showing off hundreds of people tumbling down snowy hillsides. 

All in all, the event was intended to be as much of an experiment – much like the experimental mode ScavLab is meant to be – as a display of what's possible: Ultimately, 9600 players were actually active at the same time, while the game still boasted a solid resolution and performance.

What Is Scavengers' Gameplay Actually About?

Apart from party modes with rag dolls, Scavengers pits your squad against other squads on a map that houses a more modest 60 players. The point is to be the last team standing, while scavenging and surviving against the harsh environments along the way. The world of Scavengers is frozen over and overrun with mutants, due to the destruction of the moon. Think of The Last of Us meets a twisted version of Frozen, and you're halfway there:

Experience a new kind of competitive shooter, where every match offers multiple strategic avenues. Your objectives: capture more datapoints than rival squads, and stay alive - the rest is up to you. Track enemy players through snow, pit AI wildlife against adversaries, use storms and shelters to your advantage, stealthily navigate outposts, or take on the world guns blazing. It's Player-vs-Environment-vs-Player, and creativity equals victory.

We'll send you off with that beautiful and generic text from the Scavengers devs. Truth be told: We're hyped about this game. Sounds like just the type of Battle Royale we need to break the monotony of BRs.

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