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The New Task on the Airship

Among Us: Airship Map Task Guide

Among Us Task Guide Airship
The new tasks on the Airship (Credit: InnerSloth)

The Airship has officially landed! Today we look at the new tasks located on the Airship of the latest Among Us Map Update. Let’s dive into each task and what room contains them.

The Airship has many tasks that have already been seen in the previous Among Us Maps: Mira HQ, Skeld, and Polus. Today we will mostly focus on the new tasks that are exclusively on the Airship Map.

Where Are all the Tasks on the Airship Map?

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Many rooms on the Airship, many tasks to complete. (Credit: InnerSloth)

For all tasks on the Airship, check out our previous Among Us Airship guide for a comprehensive list. But now onto the new tasks that await you on the Airship!

Communications: Download Files

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Download the files already! (Credit: InnerSloth)

Simply wait for your files to download and you're done with this simple task. 

Viewing Deck: Find Signal Strength

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Simply start in the corner and work your way around the screen. (Credit: InnerSloth)

Move the phone around the screen until the signal strength is good or perfect and wait for the device to fully connect.

Cockpit: Steer the Ship

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Just line up the wheel with the green outline. (Credit: InnerSloth)

Use the console to steer the ship by moving the steering wheel into the green outline and then adjust the clutch to the green arrow. Task complete!

Cargo Bay: Open the Safe

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Carefully enter in each number, don't rush (Credit: InnerSloth)

Follow the combination numbers in order. The arrow next to the number shows which way you need to rotate the dial to reach each number. Match three numbers and then open the safe. To enter each number, you need to lift your finger off the mouse button.

Security: Rewind the Tape

Among Us Task Guide Airship
90's kids know what's up! (Credit: InnerSloth)

Use the interface to fast forward or rewind the tape to the matching timestamp. BAM! DONE!

Electrical: Flip the Breakers

Among Us Task Guide Airship
A little RNG in this task. (Credit: InnerSloth)

The breakers are ordered from 1 to 7 and you need to flip them in order. The breakers are scattered throughout the Electrical room and you will need to run around to find each one. They are highlighted in yellow, but this task still takes a long time to complete!

Showers: Fix the Showerhead

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Use the indicator to control the hammer's power. (Credit: InnerSloth)

Use a hammer to straighten the showerhead. Hold the mouse button and release it to control how strong you hit the showerhead.

Showers: Pick up the Towels

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Who said tasks were fun? (Credit: InnerSloth)

Pick up all the highlighted towels in the showers and then place them in the laundry basket near the top of the room.

Main Hall: Develop Photos

Among Us Task Guide Airship
A flying Airship but analog photos...(Credit: InnerSloth)

Put the undeveloped pictures into the solution on the table and wait 10 seconds for the pictures to develop before removing them. Old School!

Kitchen: Empty Trash

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Pull on those orange straps! (Credit: InnerSloth)

It's simple: grab the orange ties on the garbage bag and lift it out of the trash bin. It may take a few pulls!

Kitchen: Make the Burger

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Make a burger! (Credit: InnerSloth)

You'll see black and white instruction telling you what kind of burger you are making...hold the pickles! Simply stack them in the correct order and you're done with this task.

Main Hall: Empty Trash

Just like in the kitchen, pull the orange garbage bag handles to empty the trash. Keep pulling to finish this one!

Meeting: Enter the Passcode

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Password is 1234! (Credit: InnerSloth)

Simply look inside your wallet for the code and type it in! 

Records: File the Documents

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Put away the files (Credit: InnerSloth)

On the table, you will find a few folders, simply pick them up and place them into the filing cabinets along the walls of the Records room. You will need to click the empty space on the filing cabinet/bookshelf screen to file them. Repeat it a few times and the task is complete!

Lounge: Plunge the Toilet

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Not exactly enjoyable gameplay (Credit: InnerSloth)

Ever plunge a toilet? Well, you guessed it, use your mouse button to pull up and down on the wooden handle until the indicator reaches the end of the red marking. Keep it there for a couple of seconds to complete the task.

Vault: Dress the Mannequin

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Among Us Dress up sim! (Credit: InnerSloth)

Simply drag and drop the clothing onto the naked mannequin so it matches the dressed mannequin.

Vault: Clean the Ruby

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Use your mouse to buff the gem! (Credit: InnerSloth)

Use your mouse cursor to rub out the scuff marks on the ruby. Once it's all polished up and sparkling clean, you're done!

Armoy: Rack the Weapons

Among Us Task Guide Airship
Is that an AK47? (Credit: InnerSloth)

First, pick up the guns on the table in the middle of the room. Then place the guns on the correct rack, but careful not you shoot yourself in the process.

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That wraps up our Among Us Task Guide on all the new tasks on the Airship Map. While this guide does not cover every single task on the Airship, seasoned players will recognize the other tasks and know what to do! Good luck Crewmates, some of the tasks on the Airship take a long time to complete so always watch your back for that sneaky imposter!

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