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The Airship has arrived!

Among Us: Airship Map Guide — Everything You Need to Know!

Among Us Map Guide Airship
Get out your favorite hat because the Airship has finally landed! (Credit: InnerSloth)

The Latest Among Us Map, The Airship, finally dropped. InnerSloth sure took their time to release a new map for everyone's favorite Mafia simulator. Today we look at everything you need to know: room locations, spawning locations, vents, tasks, and the security cameras! So get ready for take-off because the Among Us Airship map guide is leaving the airstrip!  

The Airship is the fourth official Among Us map joining the Skled, Mira HQ, and Polus. Like in all other Among Us maps knowledge is power! Knowing the names of each room is essential to tracking down the Imposter or avoiding the unwanted eyes of your Crewmates, and the same goes for the new tasks the crew must complete!


Airship Map Guide: What Rooms are on The Airship?

Among Us Map Guide Airship
The Airship Map for Among Us (Credit: InnerSloth)

Careful, this is a long list and a long scroll. The following rooms are on the Airship along with the following tasks: 

Electrical Room:

  • Calibrate Distributor
  • Reset Breakers (7/7)
  • Divert Power to Gap Room (2/2)
  • Divert Power to Showers (2/2)
  • Divert Power to Cockpit (2/2)
  • Divert Power to Mail Hall (2/2)

Meeting Room:

  • Empty Garbage (2/2)
  • Enter ID Code
  • Accept Diverted Power (2/2)

Engine Room:

Fix Wiring (3/3)

Gap Room:

  • Accept Diverted Power (2/2)
  • Download Data (2/2)


  • Accept Diverted Power (2/2)
  • Stabilize Steering (2/2)


  • Put Away Pistols
  • Put Away Rifles


  • Sort Records (4/4)
  • Download Data (2/2)


  • Rewind Tapes

Viewing Deck:

  • Fix Wiring (3/3)

Main Hall:

  • Decontaminate
  • Develop Photos


  • Clean Toilet
  • Fix Wiring (3/3)


  • Accept Diverted Power (2/2)


  • Start Fans (2/2)


  • Empty Garbage (2/2)


  • Download Data (2/2)


  • Empty Garbage (2/2)

Cargo Bay:

  • Fuel Engines
  • Unlock Safe


  • Polish Ruby
  • Download Data (2/2)
  • Dress Mannequin

Gap Room:

  • Upload Data (2/2)

Additional Tasks:

  • Fix Lights (%)
  • Avert Crash Course (in limited time)(2/2) 

Memorize the location of these Airship rooms and what task is in each one! You will need to speak about them when the time comes for a meeting where you decide who will take a trip through the moon door. You know, the guy who is about to be voted off the island? The guy who is about to be ejected from the ship's airlock? So, make sure that guy is not you by knowing all these rooms and tasks! 

Among Us Airship Guide
Yes, even on the Airship you must wire! (Credit: GIPHY)

It's hard to construct an alibi if you're stumbling over room names, so always be ready to say what task you were doing and where that was. It will give your alibi more credence, and, more importantly, you avoid that dreaded sus monster! 

Airship Map Guide: Which Rooms Can You Choose to Spawn In?

On The Airship, you can choose where you spawn on the map. Choose between three randomly assigned rooms after each meeting. This adds a new way to mislead your Crewmates and with this new layer of strategy, Imposters will be harder to track down. Keep in mind: the Emergency Call Button is in the Meeting Room located all the way at the top of the very large Airship map, so bust out your Air Jordans! 

Airship Map Guide: Where Are the Vents on the Airship? 

Among Us Airship
All vents on the Airship! (Credit: InnerSloth)

The following rooms are connected by vents in both directions: 

  • Vault <> Cockpit <> Viewing Deck 
  • Engine Room <> Kitchen <> Main Hall
  • Outside the Brig <> Main Hall <> Gap Room
  • Showers <> Cargo Bay
The following vents are one way only
  • Records > Cargo Bay
  • Records > Showers

Vents work exactly like those you would find on the Skeld but with the separate one-way vents in the Records room.

Among Us Airship Map Guide
With our Airship Map Guide you can turn this fun social round into domination. (Credit: InnerSloth)

Airship Map Guide: Where are the Security Cameras on the Airship?

The security cameras on the Airship give a small view of each of these rooms

  • Records and Gap Room doorway
  • Records and Lounge doorway
  • Cargo Bay
  • Outside the Meeting Room
  • Vault and Brig doorway  
  • East Engine Room Doorway
  • Security

You can find the camera control terminal in the Security room.

Bam! You are one step closer to getting your first win on the Airship. For more check info, check out this amazing comprehensive map of The Airship by Acron and Benci. Start to plot and plan your Crewmates' death today!

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