New Warzone Rules: Guaranteed Jail Break In Every Match

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New rules are introduced each day during the Festive Fervor, and one of them has really got the community in a spin: guaranteed Jail Breaks in every game. So what is a Jail Break in Warzone? And how can you use this to your advantage?
Warzone Jail break
You just need to remember to keep one person in the fight - even if it means bush camping! | © Activision Blizzard

Warzone gets new rules and crazy events seemingly every week, and we've had a lot as part of Festive Fervor. These have all been fairly mundane... until today, that it is. Guaranteed Jail Breaks have been introduced, and this opens up the game to be far more aggressive. It's especially helpful if you just can't seem to win your Gulags. So what is a Jail Break? When can you expect them to come each game? And how can you use them to your advantage?

What Is A Jail Break In Warzone?

When a Jail Break event happens during a Warzone match, every player who is dead gets to redeploy, provided they have at least one member of their team still alive. This includes players who are in the Gulag; when the Jail Break occurs, these players are redeployed and don't need to win their match. But as of today, as part of the Festive Fervor, a Jail Break event is guaranteed every match. In ordinary circumstances the Jail Break can occur, but it isn't guaranteed to happen.

Jail Break has always been somewhat controversial in Warzone because it's basically a way of evening the playing field and lowering the skill gap. It's perhaps better suited to a PvE mode rather than a PvP one. Maybe it'll flourish in Modern Warfare 2's third mode, rumored to be a Hazard Zone / Escape from Tarkov style co-op game on a BR sized map. We'll find out later this year, and don't worry readers, we aren't expecting any delays for MW2 because it's ahead of schedule:

When Can You Expect A Jail Break In Warzone?

Jail Break events cannot occur after the fourth circle has closed, and right now, they are guaranteed to happen during the fourth circle. Sometimes they can occur before the fourth circle, but never after it. The upshot for tactics is obvious: keep one player alive during the fourth circle, even if it means camping, and you guarantee your whole team will return. If you have one player hiding out during the fourth, this opens up the rest of the team to be as aggressive as they want, safe in the knowledge they're getting back into the game even if they die.

That was a quick overview of today's rules changes with regard to Jail Breaks. If you're looking to use these Jail Breaks to your advantage and play more aggressively, then may we advise a build to do it with?