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Warzone Season 6 – How to Solve the New Easter Egg and Get the Bruen Blueprint

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Warzone Season 6 Easter Egg

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Along with the new subway network, Season 6 of CoD: Warzone also saw the arrival of a new Easter Egg, which will give you a lot of loot and a new blueprint for the Bruen. We'll show you exactly how to get it.

The newest Easter Egg you can solve in Warzone requires a lot of work but also rewards you with lots of legendary loot. Not only does it include a variety of killstreaks and a longer-lasting gasmask, but also a brand new blueprint for the Bruen Mk9.

In the following we will go through all the steps of the Easter Eggs with you and explain exactly what to do:

  • Grab your Warzone gambler buddies and go to the parliament building downtown. Here you will spend most of your time solving the Easter Egg. Find all the paintings in the building and memorize them well. It's best to think of a code or a number for each painting so that you can quickly communicate which painting you're looking for. Don't worry, it will all make sense.
  • Go behind the table with the keypad and enter the code 2179. The building will then be locked and slowly filled with gas. Don't panic, at least nobody can interfere while solving the puzzle and with our guide time shouldn't be a problem.
  • In the same room, where the keypad is located, you should also see a PC. One squad member has to interact with the PC, all others should leave the room in front of it because this room also locks itself as soon as you interact with the PC.
  • The player at the PC now sees different parts of the paintings and numbers. He has to pass on the picture details to his teammates, the numbers should be written down.
  • The other team members must now look at all the paintings again and find the ones that show the described detail. Once you have found the four matching paintings, you have to pass on the Roman numbers on the plaques below to the player on the PC.
  • Now you have to add or subtract the number of the painting with the number shown on the corresponding section on the PC and this for all four paintings (it must always be a one-digit number).
Easter Egg Keypad

This is the keypad where you have to enter the four-digit code. (Image credit: ModernWarzone via YouTube)

  • The four-digit code that you just received has to be entered on the PC. There's one detail though, the numbers on the number pad are "cut through" in the middle. You'll have to enter the upper and lower half of each number but this is much easier than it sounds now.
  • If the code is correct a bell sounds and the PC shows the message "Subway Override Authorized". You can then make your way to the subway station at Verdansk airport.
  • Enter the station and activate the PC, which is located directly under the emergency exit.
  • Once the PC is activated you can go to the platform and board the incoming subway. If the display on the train is slippery, you have solved the Easter Egg correctly.
  • The train will then take you near the dam, where you will receive your reward. This secret area contains miniguns, juggernauts, precision airstrikes, UAVs, longer-lasting gas masks, the new Foresight Streak, and the Firebrand blueprint for the Bruen Mk9.

Here you can see the whole Easter Egg in a video from ModernWarzone:

Video credit: ModernWarzone via YouTube

The Easter Egg may look quite elaborate at first but believe us, it's not that difficult and the loot, especially the blueprint, is definitely worth it. Have you finished the Easter Egg yet? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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