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One player is out, two are in.

Vici Gaming Unveil Their New Dota 2 Roster!

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Vici Gaming Dota 2 roster
Image credit: Vici Gaming via Facebook

Another big announcement by Vici Gaming came today. The organization revealed its Dota 2 roster for the upcoming season and there are some interesting changes.

In the past few weeks, we saw so many changes in the Chinese Dota 2 competitive scene. It’s definitely shuffling season in there and we’re willing to bet that a new team will soon arise. The latest news comes from Vici Gaming. Just two weeks ago we saw Zhou "Yang" Haiyang and Bai "rOtK" Fan leave the organization. Today another famous player leaves VG but new blood is being poured in to make up for it.

Vici Gaming’s New Roster

The full announcement came from Vici Gaming’s official Facebook page:

After communicating with several teams and players, we hereby unveil our Dota2 lineup for the upcoming season:

VG.23Savage Nuengnara Teeramahanon
VG.Erica 杨绍瀚
VG.Ori 曾焦阳
VG.old eLeVeN 任杨伟
VG.Pyw 熊家晗
VG.Dy 丁聪

23Savage is a talented young man, reaching the top of the ladder at 14 years of age. He is also the 20th player in the world to reach 10,000 MMR and in July he reached 11,000.
During the online competitions, he also won 5 consecutive division titles.
However, due to the ongoing epidemic, 23Savage's visa is still being processed.
VICI Gaming strictly abides by the epidemic prevention regulations and cooperates with him to complete the relevant entry procedures.
It is expected that 23Savage will arrive in China late-October/early-November. During that period, VG will have the pleasure of having Erica (former core of Keen Gaming).
Lastly, Eurus (Paparazi) has confirmed that he will not be rejoining VG's lineup for the new season.
VG is cooperating with Eurus in search of his new home club and we'll be announcing something later.
Let's Goooo #VGFighting

An interesting move by Vici Gaming. Yang "Erica" Shaohan will be a temporary stand-in before the arrival of Nuengnara "23savage" Teeramahanon. That’s a lot of position 1 players. Since Zhang "Eurus" Chengjun is gone we can only speculate which team he’ll join next. Ren "eLeVeN" Yangwei will fill in for the missing position 3 after Yang left.

The team is still currently missing a coach after rOtK parted ways with the organization. Judging by the fact that we already saw an official announcement by the team they could end up playing without a tutor.

More Proof of a Superstar Chinese Team

We’ve already mentioned this a couple of times and by the looks of it, it’s all coming true. The potential Dota 2 roster of 4 Angry Men seems more and more likely. 4AM is a popular PUBG team in China and they’ve made it clear their next stop will be the Dota 2 scene. According to a leak the supposed line up for 4AM should be:

  • Zhang "Eurus" Chengjun (aka Paparazi) – free agent
  • Lu "Somnus丶M" Yao – free agent
  • Zhou "Yang" Haiyang – free agent
  • Xu "fy" Linsen – free agent
  • Pan "Fade" Yi – Currently playing for Team Aster
  • Yao "QQQ" Yi – Currently coaching Team Aster

If you looked at this leak just a few weeks back you’d have probably thought it’s insane. Now as time goes by, four of the six pieces are already in place.

The 4AM superstar Dota 2 team might soon be a real thing. Will they take the Chinese competitive scene by storm? Share your opinion on our Facebook page!

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